Ysra Fulsven Vineblud: Rising Matriarch of the Vineblud clan and Noblewoman of Parna

Setup: During the 11th year of King Moltov's rule of Parna a group of warriors and priests from Parna entered the Dwarven lands without permission of the local dwarven clan. This resulted in a brief violent encounter between several members of a dwarven warrior clan and the Parnarians. The small group of warriors and priests from Parna, which also included a member of Dwarven Teamster Guild, did find and destroy a demonic presence that had cursed both eastern Parna and the western Ven mountains. The actions of that small group benefited both the dwarven lands and Parna.

However, the insult to Dwarven sovereignty was answered by the arrest and imprisonment of several Parnarian nobles traveling within the Ven and the closure of the trade routes between Parna and the Dwarven city states within the Ven. King Moltov called together his court to discuss the best course of action with regard to impending crisis with the Dwarves.

Appearance and Impressions

Ysra Vineblud is a sturdy woman. She is tall, and robust with edges and corners roughed by hard outdoor work and a few occasions for sword play. She wears her hair shorter than most Ivanvil women, cutting it to shoulder length, and never adorns it with combs or ribbon. She has watery grey eyes that will quickly dart around unfamiliar surroundings, but meet the inevitable with a clear self-realized bravery . Ysra presents herself to strangers with a self-conscious distance and aloofness. Her reserve and hesitancy to speak or act is typical of the Ivanvil. She speaks rarely in public and prefers to address people directly, rather than in mass. This behavior at the Ator court proves a problem for Ysra. In social situations, Ator women are expected to guide the conversation even if they don't offer much input. In political exchanges women are expected to be silent. According to the Ator mores Ysra speaks when she should be quiet and is quiet when she should be speaking. Thus, at court or among Ator Nobles Ysra appears awkward, tense and ill at ease. However, if one were to watch her interact with her husband or close family, only then would they see her reveal any joy or pleasure in life.

Outside the court she prefers black or white riding clothes usually complemented by a black hooded half-cape. She carries her long sword in an over the shoulder scabbard and keeps her dirk in a sheath tied to her right calf. At court she favors ankle length black wool dresses with her families lace covering her arms and neck. She has a small blue tattoo on her right upper arm.

Personal History

Ysra was born in the Southern Hearnt (the hills of south east Parna). Her mother, Pombevyre, was the recognized matriarch of the Vineblud family. The Vineblud territory overlapped with the Jocit family's territory, and a few violent bludskulders not with standing, the two families were cordial. Growing up Ysra was acquainted with both Newtray Jocit and Margar Jocit. When the Jocit's sided with Ator during the invasion, the Vineblud's sided with the Parnarian defenders. What could be considered the first battles of the war were fought between small groups of Jocit and Vineblud warriors in the southern Hearnt.

The invasion went the way it did, taking Ysra's father, bothers and uncles with it. Margar Jocit became queen and Ysra and the Vineblud clan struggled to survive. When the Jocit clan fell out favor with the King a new lord was installed in the southern Hearnt: Halldor Fulsven. Halldor was strong confident and charming man that entered Ysra's life while she was still morning the loses to her family. She fell in love with him quickly. Halldor promised that their marriage would not be an Ator marriage, and that they remain equals throughout their lives together.

Halldor's promises can not change the culture of Moltov's court. Ysra has never fit in at court and resents being marginalized by the patriarchal behavior of Ator noblemen. The Ator women are even more disturbing to Ysra with their smiling faces and hidden blades.

The oddest outcome of Ysra's life at court is her friendship with Queen Margar. In any other setting the two women would not get along, but being the only two Ivanvil women at court has pushed them together. The two of them hunt together weekly and commiserated about the behavior of the Ator nobles.

Ysra thinks that the proposition of war with the dwarves is politically dangerous for her husband. She would like to see the issue resolved with out Fulsven taking a large role in the debate.

Skills and Abilities

The Vineblud's are hunters, foresters and winemakers. Ysra learned the crafts and tools of woodland survival. After the invasion Ysra took up the sword and the dirk until she gained a passable skill. At court Ysra has demonstrate a talent for language, and she can see the politics of court clearly even though she doesn't have the skill or stomach to navigate it. In most things she is pragmatic and cautious.

Personal Failings and Weaknesses

Ysra's love for Halldor is intense and all consuming. She is not jealous or insecure, but her concern for his well being super succeeds her concern for herself. Ysra lacks self-motivation, she is more comfortable acting at the behest of or for the benefit of others than in the name of her own ambition or he even in the name of her own judgement. Ysra's instincts lead her towards kindness and sympathy, but not honesty of forth right behavior. She tends to be distrustful of others, and defensive. Ysra is particularly distrustful and frightened of intelligent non-humans.


Ysra does not respect the church of Roarck. She despises Halldor's religion and the Way. She loves him in spite of this, and deceives him as to the nature of her own feelings. She is also strongly suspects that the Queen is doing something secretive at the Golden Stamp, but has chosen to ignore it. Even though she does not care for the Jocits, her sympathies lie more with the anti-Ator rebellion than with Moltov.

Languages: Ivanvil, Mitirangu, Ator

Primary motivation: Compassion for Halldor. The character feels a strong desire to help the object of this compassion.

Secondary motivation: Ysra believes that the Orcs of the Greyspine mountains (South of Parna) and Wind Forest (North of Parna) pose a greater threat to the land than the dwarves. This concern is beginning to border on obsession and she feels continually threatened. Defense is priority.

Recent History: Ysra was in the southern Hearnt while the demonic curse affected the northern Hearnt. Her families traditional lands lay partly in the Fulsven lands (her husbands), partially in the Popppov lands and partly in lands directly held by the King that is currently without a Vassal Lord. The King has not taken a direct hand in land management, while an agreement has been reached by the local families to pay a wool and sheep tax to Poppov. This has meant that the Ivanvil life style in the area has gone unchanged. It is always an unsettling shift cultural norms and expectations for Ysra to move from the Ivanvil lifestyle where she is strong independent leader to the Ator lifestyle where she is Halldor's wife. .

Alignment: Chaotic Good (slipping towards neutral)

Female human War2/Com2: CR 2; Size M (5 ft.,7 in.

tall); hp 33; Init +5; Spd 30 ft.; AC 11;

Attack +5 melee, or +4 ranged; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +1;

Str 15, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 11.

Skills and feats: Craft (Bowmaking) +4, Craft (Sculpting) +1, Heal +2, Hide +1, Listen +1, Move Silently +1,

Profession (Hunter) +8, Spot +4; Survival +6 Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Profession (Hunter)), Track.