Wakashu - "Young Man," the rank and file of the syndicate.

Shatei - "Younger Brother," junior bosses of individual gangs.

Kyodai - "Big Brother," senior bosses of individual gangs.

Shateigashira-hosa - underlings of the shateigashira.

Shateigashira - Number three man, the third in command of the syndicate.

Wakagashira-hosa - underlings of the wakagashira.

Fuku-honbucho - An assistant chief to the wakagashira.

Wakagashira - Number Two man, the second in command of the syndicate.

Kaikei - Accountants, subordinate to the Saiko-komon.

Kumicho Hisho - Kumicho's secretaries, subordinate to the Saiko-komon.

Shingiin - Counselor, subordinate to the Saiko-komon.

Komon - Advisor, subordinate to the Saiko-komon.

So-honbucho - Headquarters chief, subordinate to the Saiko-komon.

Saiko-komon - Senior Advisor, the primary administrative assistant to the Oyabun.

Oyabun (or Kumicho) - Supreme Boss or Family Head, the leader of a Yakuza syndicate.

Onee-san - "Older Sister," a recognized female within the syndicate, generally the spouse of a very senior member, who, in rare instances, will fill in for their husband within the organization.

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