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August 19, 2007, 7:11 pm

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Wvyrn Claw


Some might call it a clawed glove. That would be Anthrocentric.  It, and items like it, are magic weapons for being that use magic and do not use weapons, but use their claws.  The Clawed Races uses these "claws" to enhance their natural combative ability.

It would appear, for a human, as an oversized glove with three (sometimes four) stylized claw like protrusions and some odd wrist strap. The claws extend out beyond the hand just slightly.  Wearing the glove makes doing much of anything with their hands difficult as the claws overhand and their are quite heavy.

Humans who specialize in unarmed combat have utilized these items in the past, but they are not created for humans.  They are created for one of the Clawed Races to use. 

If the being has claws, the Wvyrn’s claw will adapt to their size and shape. The metallic claw overlays the back of the the beings natural claws, enhancing them in terms of size, length, hardness, and some would say beauty (if one likes the Draconic/ reptilian motif). 

There is not just one Wvryn’s claw, there are many of them.  It was the "weapon" of choice of a paradraconic society from times past.  Every now and again, one of the magical clawed races begin to make new ones. 

Magical Properties:

There are non magical claws, but most are made by magic, thus having additional enchantments.  The Claws grants a nominal increase in one’s ability to hit. It will also allow the creature to strike things that are spirit based (ectomorphic) and magical. 

The claws increases the damage done by an unarmed/ claw attack to that of a Great Sword or Twice its base damage.

The Claws grants a great deal of defense, just for the claw area. This allows for attacks against targets of such hardness it would normally be impossible.

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Comments ( 7 )
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March 1, 2004, 6:09
It just seemed silly that magic using races like Dragons and Wvyrn's would not have magic items of their very own. So here they are.
March 2, 2004, 0:10
Oddly difficult to read for Moonhunter, but the idea is a good one. I feel the need to brainstorm some of my own...
March 2, 2004, 1:58
A good idea that was not that inspired. I will work on an edited version.
March 2, 2004, 6:24
A claw that deals the damage of a great sword? I would say the damage is increased by one size category. (In D&D terminology for instance from 1d6 to 1d8)

To also let them increase the armor class or defense value of a creature.... Oke, but that would make these items very, very powerfull, especialy since you say that it increases defense a great deal.
All in all, like you say, a good idea that is not inspired and a bit overpowered right now.
Siren no Orakio
March 2, 2004, 16:57
I don't see this as being overpowered at all. I won't pick on the inspiration at all, but is seems that this is very much meant to be the equivalent of a dragon picking up a broad sword: A human picks up a standard great sword in D&D and goes from 1d4 of subdual to what, 2d8? That's overpowered, yo.

Hardening of the claws also isn't terribly effective as armor, but it does, perhaps, work in conjunction with parrying, etc, and lets the dragon strike steel or stone as well as flesh.

The basics for an excellent item, it just needs a story, for at least the original, imo.
June 19, 2005, 16:53
This is a "class of" items, rather than a specific item. There isn't a back story, any more than there is a backstory for the generic spells/ enchantments of any game.

This item is for races/ species that are magical and not human. They would need weapons that enhance their combat abilities just like Humans do. They should have their equivalent +1 sword. This is it.
Voted valadaar
March 4, 2015, 10:05
I think that even the clawed races would adopt reach weapons for the same reasons humans didn't stop with daggers. Reach is very helpful.

That said, this is a good item and a logical one, especially if the race has more considerations for war then simple effectiveness.

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