Full Item Description
The chime is comprised of three platinum rods, held by gold chains strung from a conch shell. The chimes are completed with seven pearls and five old coins salvaged from old wrecks, either decorating the shell or as pulls for the rods. The Chime's tone is quite odd, but still soothing.

The appearance changes slightly from chime to chime, but the basics are always the same.

Charms for seacraft are almost as old as ships themselves. There are dozens of talismans and glyphs used to ensure good travel, smooth seas, and a good catch. This is one of more interesting ones. Its roots go back far into tradition, back to the days of the Sea Spirits and spirit flutes. This is the modern version of a very old charm.

Note: While many a captain or crewman might scoff at magic, those same many will go find the talismonger in the port to find 'traditional decorations' for their ship.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The wind chime will only make noise, if it is hung out on a ship where it can catch wind (usually off the yard arms or sail booms). They are muted upon shore. They are oddly out of tune wind chimes under normal ocean or lake wind. It is only when storm winds are blowing, that the music of the chimes is haunting, yet soothing.

It is only when the chimes are playing their haunting tones that its powers can be evoked. Like much with the sea, nothing is for free. While ringing the chimes need to be charged with magic*. Once charmed, the chime's magic will calm the beast of the sea. While the storm will rage around it, the ship will be in a bubble of safety and calm. Winds go down to a normal ocean breeze, waves subside back to normal heights, and the rain drops off to between nothing and a light shower. The bubble, centered upon the chimes, is quite large (maybe as large as 100 fathoms if enough energy is passed to it). The bubble remains in effect around the chime for one bell or watch (four hours). In most cases, the ship will make best speed to clear the storm before the effect ceases.

There is a danger though. Two or more chimes can not function in proximity to each other. They create discordance. Not only do they cancel each other out, the storm returns twice as harsh.

Also if a bell sounds (or a bell like tone sounds) within hearing of the chimes, the bubble of protection will dissolve. Thus most ships run silent and keep large metal objects stowed while using the bell. One dropped pan, a banged cannon, or even a hammer hitting a nail, will silence the chimes.

Once a chime has been charged, it can not be recharged / used again, until the next clear sunrise.

Note: The power of the chimes only affects naturally occurring winds and violent storms. The chimes will almost sound a warning at an approaching magically sent storm or wind.

*This charge of magic can be manna/ spell slot's power transferred to it by a magic user. If not charged by a magic user, a person must be focused upon the bell (making concentration checks) for the duration of the becalming effect. Some crews keep three people concentrating, just to make sure the effects hold.

It is this restriction, plus the limit upon noise, that keeps this from being a prevolent item.

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