A hardy deep blue vine with needle-like thorns, accented by small, orange blossoming flowers. Widowthorn grows thickest near streams and in the forest shade.

The plant's flowers are edible giving off a faint but sweet smell, reminiscent of peaches. Many woodland creatures eat the flowers and bulbs. In the early spring the bulbs seem to be addictive, and in this, the Widowthorn acts it's vilest. As the bulbs grow scarce, small creatures get caught in it's needle thorns, dying from the bloodloss caused in their deep slumber. The dead beasts decompose in the thicket, feeding the Widowthorn for another budding and blooming in the summer.

The poison is not so dangerous for people or larger animals though, but still causes drowsiness and is typically cut back from roads and civilization.


The thorns of Widowthorn plants secrete a toxin that saps the strength of those passing through it, causing drowsiness and a desire to sleep. This effect makes the ground thorns and sap of the plant fine ingredients for sleeping draughts and a common find in medicine kits.

Widowthorn has been used to soothe the dying as well as in poisons.

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