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Save for its enormous size, nearly nothing of Widowmaker stands out to the eye. A huge block of dull metal, drilled through and attached to a handle worn smooth with time and effort, it seems the same as any such sledge, found in ten thousand smithies across the world. Yet lifted, it is far heavier than any of its ilk, its massive head a full two hundred pounds, in half the volume it would take were the hammer mere steel. Yet, it it is not mass alone that gives the hammer weight, for even the uninitiated can sense the pure weight of the hammer's mighty purpose.


First forged in ancient days by Nial Ironspirit, Widowmaker has been held by every one of the myriad masters of Clan Ironspirit, to master Widowmaker is the final test of the smith who would become a master of Ironspirit. Over the hundreds of years, their formidable will has become fused to the hammer, and only one who can master that will can bend Widowmaker to their purpose. To wield it is to be a master, and it is their primary tool once they have learned to use it.

Magic/Cursed Properties

For those who have the force of will to direct Widowmaker, it is the most superb of tools for shaping steel, striking always with precisely the force needed to move the steel to exactly where the smith desires it. For those who cannot master it, it bounds nearly at random, as if it has its own purpose, its own desire to work the steel, and more than one weak-willed would-be has been injured, or even slain by its dreadful rebounds.

On the rare occasions it has been taken to battle by its masters, it strikes as if wielded by an entire horde of demons, at all around it, most enraged to be taken from its proper purpose as a tool of the forge, and filled with a desire to destroy all and be returned to its proper place at the anvil.

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