A walking stick, of oaken wood, the handle iron-bound. Looks very unassuming. There is nothing special about it. Slightly curved as these sticks usually are.

The true appearence is that of a sword, a common broad sword. This appearence is but seldom seen, for it at all times maintains its facade. While the sword has no great powers it can be still very dangerous. One may look as a simple pilgrim and still be armed. There are obvious evil uses. In most cases, the wearer is considered unarmed, and so can access many places where a weapon is not accepted, so this makes it an interesting weapon for assassins.

Those that can see through illusions can see the sword through its guise, if somewhat unclear.

Fighting with the sword may look silly to the audience, and may mislead your opponent into using wrong tactics. A sword can stab and cut, things a wooden stick should be not useful for (even a very hard one, as this seems). Ask you local DM for possible bonuses. These are not listed for strongly depending on a given situation, and being void once your enemy knows it is a sword.

History: Rarely mentioned, as it is not a legendary weapon. Still, an occasional assassination with a weapon like this is known of, and smarter guards of important people may not be fooled...

Seldom created, the process is relatively easy compared to other enchanted weapons. There exist probably more of this kind.

Magical Properties:

Basically the only power it has is that of illusion: it masks its true look into a boring average walking stick. This illusion has multiple layers, so a simple _Dispel Magic_ will not help. More castings or more power will uncover the swords true look. In a few days, the illusion will 'regrow', looking the usual way again. Truly powerful effects could destroy its magic, making it an ordinary sword.

While the sword has no special bonuses, it is magical, and may thus harm certain creatures as other magical weapons. It may have also special effects on illusory creatures and illusions.

The sword does not protect the wearer, nor anyone else, if its blade is touched. If you do not use the handle, you may cut yourself just as with any other sword.

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