The War Titan Zeus

Appearance: 65,000 ton biped mech, 650 feet tall, with flight deck/catapult systems instead of arms.

Wilkins, that's the stupidest goddamn thing I've ever seen. Give me those specs again. This thing is the size of a capital ship, walks on two legs, and has a top speed of seven kilometers per hour? It's barely faster than a man at a brisk walk.

It's actually slower sir, the Promethean pattern titans don't handle elevation changes well, so it can't technically walk in a straight line. It has to follow the path of least resistance and most density.

Shit the fucking bed, it's worse than every piece of equipment we already have, and costs ten times as much, by the projections, and you know how well those assholes in central planning organize things. If they got the thing built and running, it won't cost as much as three Battlestars, it will be nine Battlestars, and the full complement of AeroTech craft to load them out, assuming everything was custom made for it.

It's a walking fucking target.

Defensive Capability:

Armor: Ultra-heavy, contemporary to battleship plate. In some places, the plate is over a meter thick.

Reactive Plating in lower legs, eliminating anti-mech weaponry used by vehicles, mecha, and heavy infantry.

Multiple CIWS turrets to stop inbound short-range missiles, cruise missiles, mortars, and other munitions.

Point Defense Machine Guns

Anti-aircraft rotary missile launchers. (Sparrow and Sidewinder)

Anti-Missile and Anti-torpedo counter-missiles (Patriot)

Offensive Capability:

Two 500 mm/20 inch composite naval cannons in arm mounts, using chemical propellants and a linear barrel for super high velocity.

Eight 200 mm/8 inch composite naval cannons, four in forward battery, one below each of the 500 mm cannons, and two in the rear battery.

Compliment of up to 90 VTOL/VSTOL aircraft, including helicopters, tilt-wing aircraft, flight-capable mecha, and flight-capable hovercraft.

Listen, I don't care what the predictive models say, this thing is a pox and a damned bad idea. It's the slowest thing we've ever considered making, and that includes that god-awful 90,000 ton land tank that looked like a turtle. Its weaponry only has a modest range, and uses chem-jet naval guns. We have rail guns and beam weapons that would be better than 90% of the weaponry on this thing. And armor, I don't care how thick the armor is, one of the Eurasian dreadnaught monitors could take this thing apart in fifteen minutes, from thirty miles away. Where did the models for this abomination come from?

That's classified, sir.

Clearance my ass. : displays secret clearance card:

It was generated from Warworld Maia, sir.

It was created from that glaring human rights abuse scandal?


You need to give me details....

Warworld Maia and the Titan God Walkers

Warworld Maia, and Project Infinity remain controversial and scandalous topics, considering the number of people who were experimented on without their knowledge, the nature of the experiments, and the number of people who died. Then people remember that a good deal of modern immersive technology and interface protocols and protections they use on a daily basis came directly from Project Infinity.

The Council of Maia, also known as Prometheans, had a technological and industrial advantage, but a manpower shortage, deliberate of course. To counter the brutalist wastelanders and the scheming Hanzo merchants, the Council went big. They had mecha, super-mecha, combat walkers, and things like the War Titan Zeus. Much of Maia was demonstrated as flat, with minimal terrain and cover. The Titans had a long line of sight, carried an impressive amount of weaponry, and could project this power with ease. The low speed of the walking aircraft carriers was of little concern, they were mostly used for protecting the small footprint of the Council, and most changed positions to each make launch and recovery of aircraft easier, or get a better firing solution for their guns.

One of the design parameters of Warworld Maia was to encourage weird engineering. The minds behind the project didn't want a better tank or better mech, they wanted to see the next thing that would render modern equipment obsolete. The Council of Maia produced a lot of useless equipment in the real world, as the conditions of Maia allowed for stranger equipment to be fielded, and the cost was a different factor, the Warworld used violence as currency. The Titans paid for themselves in shelled fortresses and shattered enemy vehicles.

According to the archive, the Council of Maia built three of these things, and used two as defensive castles, and the third was used as a hammer against outposts and cities that opposed the Council. The two defenders were Odin and Kal-El, and the marauder was Zeus.

Kal-El? Are you fucking with me? Superman and two gods?

Yessir, the Council had lesser war walkers, way smaller, more guns and fewer aircraft. Looks like a lot of destroyer and frigate level stuff, but again, lots of mag-rail naval cannons.

And we're starting with the biggest thing they made, are we mad?

Actually sir, we've been using Council of Maia tech for years. Half of the developments in mech design in the last fifty years were reverse engineered from Council tech, especially stuff on joints, actuators, myomer configurations, that sort of thing. For every mech we've built, the Council of Maia built twenty-five. The Raider faction is even higher, fifty to one, and their use of scrap armor and power armor are the foundation of our modern power armor program.

Jesus protect me...

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