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June 24, 2018, 8:16 am

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War Star


A hyper-prototype war machine intended to replace mecha, aerospace craft, and armor vehicles.


The War Star is a medium sized military vehicle. The vehicle is roughly star shaped, with a central control pod and four spines and a small drive section. The spines are eleven meters long, making the War Star 24 meters tall and 23.5 meters wide. It is only 4 meters long.

Crew: 1

Computer: Trimaxion Full AI controller, high level neo-cortex, demi-sentient, can operate the War Star without the human operator

Mass: variable - gravimetric control system can alter mass of the vehicle from -40 tons to 160 tons. Without GravAssist 27 tons

Powerplant: Phaelon Model MCMLXXXIV Dimensional Turbine (with variable temporal shunt)

One of the problems associated with the Dimensional turbine was time dilation. This was proven evident when personnel inside test facilities experienced hours of testing, but only minutes had passed outside. The Temporal Shunt allows for a bleeding of relativistic energy from the powerplant. This can be used to give a pilot periods of time to rest, even in a firefight, or to experience 'Bullet Time'. This doesn't make the War Star any faster or slower, but it allows the reactor to build power, recharge its capacitors, or for the pilot and targeting system to have the leisure of picking their targets and acting with extreme focus and aim.

Propulsion System: OmniThrust Nuclear Delamination Accelerator

The concept of nuclear delamination is a highly controlled form of sub-atomic fission, using high energy systems to strip atoms apart at the sub-atomic level. This frees the potential energy inside neutrons and creates a massive amount of thrust. This is an incomplete delamination that allows the reaction to be controlled, rather than causing the atomic matter to evaporate in a massive cloud of gamma radiation.

Top Speed: Limited to human tolerances - 780,000 MPH at 9.9 G acceleration.

Theoretically the War Star could travel from the surface of the Earth to the Moon in approximately 15 minutes. In an atmosphere, friction and drag limit the War Star to just below Mach 4, or 3000 MPH. When engaging with ground targets, the War Star can move at 220 MPH and engage all of it's weapons.

Defensive Systems

Optical Chameleon System - the War Star can vanish from the visual electromagnetic spectrum, though it is not a perfect invisibility.

EM Sheath - the War Star can shunt it's own electromagnetic emissions through the temporal shunt, allowing it to dump thermal and radio signals into elsewhere.

Phased Shield Generator - the PSG creates a 'hard light' plasma that disrupts beam and energy weapons. The PSG bypasses the limitations of kleinshe field generator by giving the the waste energy generated a place to go via the temporal shunt. The PSG completely deflects all low energy weapons like lasers and masers, and reduces the potential damage of high energy weapons by as much as 90%. It also reduces the accuracy of said weapons, and can cause them to ricochet off of the shield. Only direct hits have a chance of penetrating the shield. It interferes with missile weapons, and has almost no effect on kinetic weapons. Explosive and arcanotech weapons have a chance of being detonated passing through the shield, and have their potential damage cut in half.

Composite titanium and ceramic alloy armor - cutting edge light armor, high penetration resistance and thermoablative potential


Positron Rifle X4 - mounted in the root of each spine, each positron rifle has almost indefinite range, and delivers damage comparable to a light naval particle cannon. A single War Star has the same functional firepower as a Federation frigate.

Rotary Missile bay - with a capacity of 6 munitions, the rotary bay allows the War Star to carry and deploy any self propelled self guided munition under 9 feet long. The most common weapon for the War Star is the Schwartzchild torpedo.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted valadaar
June 26, 2018, 12:18

This sounds like it would certainly replace all of those weapon systems. Lord help you if a truly powerful AI took a few of these over.

Curious, if it can experience Bullet Time, why does it have to travel at the WWII-slow 220mph while engaging targets with all its weapons? Did you drop a 0? :)

July 5, 2018, 12:19
This speed is for engaging ground targets, so its moving through dense atmosphere, with its shields up, and firing all weapons, and it produces the largest amount of power drain on the system. It doesn't just have to power four naval grade high energy weapons, it also has to have the heat displacement system at full power too. It the pilot wants, the War Star can float stationary and fire all of its weapons, and if it is higher up and not having to push its shields through dense air it can go much faster. High altitude fights are seldom going to use full payload weaponry, and space flights are in a vacuum and the limitation is what the pilot can handle
Voted Aramax
July 5, 2018, 10:19
5/5Love, Love Love this.HOH too


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