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May 27, 2015, 1:19 am

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Vlamarend Staff


The Staff of the Flame Eagle

There aren't many of these, and of that number, there are even fewer just wandering around to be found in a towerkun's shop. The craftsmanship puts this piece as mid-dynasty, you can tell from the type of eagle carved on the head of the staff. Late dynasty was very predictable, it was all timberwing eagles and solar eagles. The middle dynasty favored more realistic and less fantastic avians such as royal eagles or in the case of this staff, the arctic eagle. The wood is sandoak, and the inlays are jasper, amber opal, and the head is black iron with gilt pattern.

The Vlamarend

The Vlamarend was a mythological figure, a celestial eagle made of flame that existed during the creation of the World. It burned away the night, destroyed a great number of equally mythological monsters and demons before laying one blazing egg and flying away. Men called that egg the Vlameire, or the Sun. The Vlamarend Staves were made in the likeness of the mythological ur-god.


Vlamarend Staves are functional as melee weapons, with stats consistent with a masterwork staff +3/+5 vs dark/undead types.

Flaming Weapon - The staff can be ignited as a flaming weapon, adding an additional amount of flame damage to it's rating. The flaming staff can be used a light source, or can be used to boost oration skills.

Fire Eagle - As a spell like ability (based off the level/ability of the wielder) the staff can launch a fire construct shaped like an eagle. The fire eagle has the same movement rate as a normal eagle, unerringly homes in on the nearest foe. The target is hit with two talon attacks and a flaming bite. This deals maximum damage against undead, and bonus damage against unholy, demonic, and otherwise netherrealm types.

As the magic power of the wielder increases, the number of fire eagles that can be summoned at a time increases, typically maxing out at 5-6 summoned at a time.

The Aerie of Flame and Feathers - The most powerful use of the staff, the Aerie of Flame and Feathers summons a celestial avatar in the form of an eagle made of fire. The avatar has the same stats as a large fire elemental, is very fast and can fly, and can summon at will 1d6 lesser fire eagles per turn. Summoning the Aerie of Flame and Feathers isn't something done lightly as it can rarely ever be done more than once during the life of the bearer of the staff.


The Vlamarend Staves were crafted by a magically proficient desert culture. Why did they stay in the desert if they were magically virile? They stayed because during their time they made their cities into paradises in the desert, and they worshiped the Sun, the Vlameire. Their enemies were the creatures that lurked in the swamps and the seas, the forests and the mountains. The staves were made as weapons, and were carried by the warrior priests of their culture, and would be used to fight back hordes of undead. The enemies of the desert kingdom grew to fear the wings of flame and fury.

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Voted valadaar
June 8, 2015, 14:09
Pretty snazzy - like the visuals with this one, and it could easily be adapted to other forms/energy types/


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