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October 8, 2006, 4:29 am

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After 100 years of imprisonment he will be free. Free to stalk the enemy, and to satisfy a consuming impulse to kill dark elves.

He stands four and a half feet tall and is as thin as a rail. Two horns pertrude from his forehead and end in a slight bend, pointing upward. Short, thick black hair comers much of his body. He wears only a few pieces of hide to cover his genitalia. A couple of necklaces made of ears, taken from defeated foes he has bested in dueling, adorn his neck.

Ur’Jund was born a of a dying race only known as the aphala’kindra- faerie kin. At one time, these reclusive warriors were the silent protectors (or rangers) of the forest. They immediately noticed the presence of anyone entering within the confines of their claimed territory, and will even be stirred from a deep sleep by an intruder. Their ability to be silent in a forest is legendary even among elves, when within a claimed area.

He has only a few memories of his brief life in the deep expanse known as Drakkar Would (deep woods). Though his birth name cannot be claimed as one.

At the age of six, Ur’Jund and his village came under attack by dark elves. The raid was initiated at night during the darkness of a new moon. The men were slaughtered, and the women and childeren enslaved. Starved beaten and tortured these captives were taken down into the breathless confines of the underworld.

Upon reaching the city of Ha’Lenzia, the women were sold for pleasure and servitude, while the boys were purchased by some of the many ruling houses for training in the ways of combat.

Among the many hours of strict discipline and endless hours of practice, Ur’Jund learned many games. One was called, uzz’iluk dama- capture the maiden. In this there are two or more teams, with each team possessing a female slave. The object of the game is simple capture the other teams maiden to do as you wished with her, all the while defending your own.

There were many different games, some of which reenacted legendary battles from dark elf lore. Other games dealt with flooding an arena and putting two or three ships within and having the opponents play capture the flag.

These games were played within an arena. This arena consisted of miniature caves, holes, rooms, hallways and one large oval area in the middle. The walls and caves had no ceiling to them so that onlookers could oversee the festivities from the built in stone seating along the outer wall of the domed colisseum.

Ten years after capture, an elf by the name of Orthuz took him from his vile captors; having won him in a bet during one of the games. Orthuz, being a male without the protection of a ruling house, was not a prominent figure in the elven political structure of matriarchy. He was, however, still feared for the power he possessed as a wizard and the small army he had raised for protection. His home was built outside of the main city and required the defense. Ur’Jund, as named by Orthuz, found solitude in his new surroundings, and became known as ‘Ur’Jund son of Orthuz’.

Tirelessly, Ur’Jund worked to please his new father. He would clean the laboratories, cook, and, when he found time, he studied. He learned to read and write the languages of elves, gnomes, and humans; fiddled with the few simple spells taught to all male elves in their Ha’Lenzia (school of magic); continued to refine his skills with a sword; and he even learned from historical and literary scrolls taken from ancient conquests. After a few years of study, his father began to teach him the lost art of the unleashed mage. Days turned into years as Ur’Jund quickly developed into an adult and a powerful mage.

One evening, while finishing his chores, he happened upon an ebon figure standing above his father, who laid upon the floor. At the sight of Ur’Jund, the figure disappeared within the dark. Quickly, Ur’Jund ran to his father and cradled his head. Blood poured from his mouth and various other places. Orthuz, gazing distantly at Ur’Jund spoke a name, “Thazzen.” The name of a rival mage from a different school. Orthuz’s eyes glazed over as he expired. Flying into a rage, he dropped his father to the floor and gave chase.

Storming toward the city gates, Ur’Jund led his father’s private army against the city proper. They first killed the few elves that stood guard at the gate and then overtook those within the courtyard. Onward they pushed through the city as a plague blisters the skin; one step at a time. By the time they arrived at their destination, the whole city of Ha’Lenzia watched in stunned amazement at the audacity of the matronless males. The main doors to the school instantly opened upon their arrival, and there stood the one called Thazzen, laughing, with his own contingency standing in toe. In an instant, Ur’Jund snapped and blacked out into an chaotic rage. The rest became one of the biggest events ever to befall the stone city.

Consciousness came on the floor of the great hall of the rulling Matron of all of Ha’Lenzia: Teskin Jakl. He laid there bound and gagged next to the lifeless form of Thazzen and his Matron. Teskin, though not caring about the deaths of some male elves and the Matron of a rival house, did realize the danger this non-elf could pose to the stability of the city, in his current state of mind. So, she decided to banish him to one-hundred years of imprisonment in a globe of confinement, in a distant part of the underworld.

It was there that Ur’Jund stayed hunting any that entered his domain.He spent his days brooding and plotting, just dreaming of the day he would be free to exact his revenge upon the entire city of Ha’Lenzia.

Roleplaying Notes:

A) state of mind
To the outside world, Ur’Jund seems, at first, docile. He sticks mostly to his thoughts. And when in a serious conversation with his inner self, being interrupted is the last thing one should do.

When asked a question, at times, Ur’Jund must concur with himself, aloud. He envisions those that anger him as dark elves and will immediately attempt to kill them. This is the same for when he stumbles upon any real dark elves.

He dreams of the day when he can return to Ha’Lenzia and lay waste to it’s inhabitants. This very desire dominates much of his conversations, which leaves one to wonder: what will he do with his vengeance when he accomplishes his goal.

*Alpha’Kindra magic*
1. woodland stealth: The character makes no sound at all when in a wooded area he claims as his own territory.
2. presence sense: Senses all living things that enter within a 20 square mile radius of his chosen home.

*simple spell list*
1. faerie fire: Makes an object or opponent emit a soft light.
2. stealth: Character makes no sound when walking.
3. dark cloud: This fills up a 10 x 10 room with a black cloud of smoke.
4.infrared: Permits character to see in the dark.

*unleashed mage spell list sample*
1. enlarge: He doubles in height and strength
      duration- 1d6 rds.
2. nova flame: A burst of fire erupts from the mage. All within 20ft suffer 1d20 damage, and those within the next 10ft suffer1d10
      duration- 1 rd.
3. frenzy: Mage gains double his normal amount of actions in an initiative round.
      duration- 1d4 rds.
4. blood lust: After 4 successful attack rolls, during melee, the mage’s strength adjustment automatically inflicts 2x it’s normal damage.
      duration- until an attack is missed.
5. energy burst: Character’s endurance and movement is doubled.
      duration- 1d6 rds.

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Comments ( 4 )
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February 28, 2003, 17:00
It just sort of sucks you in. Dark Elves are somewhat sophisticated so I will be interested to hear how his life changes to make him look how he currently. Good solid background as well. I don't think "an unpredictable villain consuming anger" does him justice though for a summary.

I will edit this comment when it is finished as well.
Voted zebbin
October 8, 2006, 3:31
Only voted
Voted Moonlake
February 8, 2016, 23:07
Besides the fact that it is unknown how Ur'Jund manages to win the favour of Orthuz so much which I personally feel is a little gap in the story, this is a solid NPC sub. A typical 3 in my books.
Voted valadaar
December 21, 2016, 11:41
A nice take on the whole orphan/orcs killed my family origin. I think it quite good. I am surprised they banished him rather then killed him, but then again, he wouldn't be terribly interesting dead. Perhaps the Matron has other plans for him in a 100 years.

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