Uedha-a ('way-thah-ah', with a hard 'th') is the God who dwells here. That I am not afraid, he makes me so- Uedha-a bolsters hearts with iron, and with-holds souls from the Shadow Himself.
In the Eldest of Eldest of Days, the God said to Nullity, which is and always is nothing, 'Be so!'. Nullity, hearing these words, thought that this was the name of the God, and so the God is called Uedha-a, 'be so'.
When the God went to Nullity and said these words, 'Be so!,' once again, Nullity became Totality, and the God went to Totality.
There on Totality, Uedha-a took embers from hand, and there made a great lamp in the semblance of a sphere, and this was the Sun. But when the Sun shone his brightness upon Uedha-a, there was cast a great, sharp shadow, and this shadow said to the God:
'I repudiate you! Surely, this is a dastardly trick, for there has been yet no renumeration for rendered arrivals. Do you attend so to guests?'
Replied Uedha-a: 'Ah, but never was it this party's intention to render arrival; therefore, continue disappearance and bring no more woes. Do you attend so to hosts?'
The shadow said: 'I am The Shadow Himself!'
And the God said: 'Indeed, as a stone does cast light, does a shadow come, yet it is not afraid.'
And the Shadow Himself said: 'I shall topple all the stones, then, until there are not anymore stones upon stones.'
And the God said: 'I shall make a great fall of water, and push stone upon stone once again.'
And the Shadow Himself said: 'I shall drink in all the waters, then, until there are no more waters flowing.'
And the God said: 'I shall then make a great fire, and ashes will breed rains.'
And the Shadow Himself said: 'I shall douse the fires with swallowing of air into myself.'
And the God said: 'I shall then reliquish you stewardship; I had hoped to have you stand beside me, but the Shadow Himself is petulant and has much rage. Sun, attend!'
And the Sun came around to another side, but the Shadow Himself only fled about Uedha-a.
So Uedha-a took hold of a great stone, and lifting it up, cast it upon the Shadow Himself. But the Shadow Himself only lay beneath the stone.
The Shadow Himself said: 'Do you attend? Your courtesy is poor, and I have not recieved my desires!'
So the God called out to the earth, and from it rose Man.
And Man said: 'There is a great ringing from afar.'
And the God said: 'That is the sound of my voice.'
And the Shadow Himself said: 'Deny the host satisfaction; I give gifts.'
But Uedha-a took up the Shadow Himself, and cut the Shadow Himself into pieces- one piece he locked away in the heart of Man. The other, greater share he devoured.
Thus, Man has within him the inclination to do evil and follow the Shadow Himself, and because the God ate a portion of the Shadow Himself, the God cannot raise his hand against the Shadow Himself, but Man still must battle the Shadow Himself within his own heart.
But as the stone casts a shadow, but it is not afraid, I cast a shadow, but I am not afraid, for Uedha-a looks over me, and encourages to battle the Shadow Himself.

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