Clamis Hardersturd was a rather specialized alchemist, and his specialty had already lent him a steady supply of income to allow him the leisure of studying his craft from the comfort of his estate in the city, rather than trek through mosquito infested swamp or dark woods filled with wolves. Clamis specialized in the separation of fluids, he was essentially a high end distiller, and with several successful whiskeys and spirits in production, he was able to finance the construction of an urban distillery with adjoining workshop and quarters. Largely, his estate held living spaces for his staff and workers while they refined and developed new drink for consumption, but Clamis had his own workshop set up and brewed up his own concoctions inside that had nothing to do with drunken farmers.

It was one day when Clamis was snacking while he worked that he discovered the components to Two Flask Halo, and unlike most alchemical accidents, Clamis made it out of this one alive. He was enjoying a “thank you” present from a large collective of southern teamsters that served as an arm of his distribution network, some local seeds with a nutty, oily flavor, when his finger touched the glass rod he had been using to stir a distillation of urine. Both the rod and his finger caught fire! As it was only a fingerprint sized fire, it was easily put out with barely a second degree burn, but it was the foundation for what became to be known as Two Flask Halo.

The reaction process was fascinating to Clamis. A drop of the oil on a rod would initially catch fire when the oil and urine distillation mixed, but if submerged, the distilled urine would actually extinguish the flame. The same was true in reverse, albeit the seed oil did support a larger flame, but that was mostly due to it being oil rather than the reaction itself.

Clamis ordered a shipment of the fruit and fruit trees to cultivate his own groves locally and experimented with different urine distillations to perfect the composition of Two Flask Halo. The urine, fortunately, did not need to possess any special qualities, as it was the distillation process that left a high phosphorous fluid separated from the rest of the liquid. The fruit from the trees was so sour it was almost useless, until it was dipped in salt to make a salty sour treat that was also a popular treat at many bars. Once the seeds were stripped of fruit, they merely needed to be pressed like any other nut to extract the oils, and they too were ready for use. The only other component Clamis added was a mixture of ordinary lamp oil and a bit of chalky mineral, which formed a flammable, honey-like syrup that did not dilute the urine distillation or seed oil, but gave the initial combustion fuel to continue burning longer than it could burn on its own.


Two Flask Halo is bottled in two separate flasks, one with a Yellow wax seal for the seed oil, and a Red wax seal for the urine distillation. Neither flask on its own is any more dangerous than ordinary lamp oil, in fact, it is safer as each has parts of another ingredient mixed with it, so it’s like a partially full flask of oil. The flasks are shipped in separate crates, each lined with wax cloth liners, so even if there is an accident, it has to be violent enough to break the crates, the flasks inside their padded shippers and rupture the wax cloth linings before they can even mix to form any reaction. For adventurers, the two flasks can be carried separately, so no one individual can burst into flames, regardless of breakage. When both flasks hit the same target, be it from throwing or pouring it on them in a trap, they form a thin layer of phosphorus, which ignites in the air, and lights the oil soaked target.

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