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Bright blue curved moonstone blades engrained and sealed with the purest cleansing sands contained within the Great Sea Chalice of the Ocean demigoddess Relagani. These blades have the ability to dispel any unholy effect on contact with a substance in a four and three-quarters foot radius around the blade. When not in use, these blades are not sheathed. They simply float around the bearer and are controlled by a slim triangular telepathic link between swords and bearer. They may also float on their own if not being controlled.
The blades have the souls of the twin water sprites Salamaelar'da'ashti and Trilamandin'da'ashti willingly bound within their moonstone edges. Both sprites are male and have bitingly sarcastic tongues. Besides being able to send telepathic messages between each other and the bearer, they can also project their voices out, which they do in excess. Because of the triangular nature of the telepathic link, they can also hide their train of thought from the bearer and communicate only between themselves rather than to both other beings. This also works in other ways. The bearer can choose to communicate with only one blade, although what was thought usually ends up being shared anyways.

During the Third Ashti Clan War in the 3347th year of the Second Age of the Moonfold (a great lunar eclipse settled over the Shallowlands every year for sixteen days and three hours), two great heroes came forward to champion the Relag'ashti in their last desperate charge against the more numerous and vastly more numerous and antagonistic Ziab'ashti. The Ziab were slowly gaining seafloor and were pushing to the submerged fortress citadel of Relaganali where the Ocean demigoddess Relagani reigns with the Great Sea Chalice and its powerful, purest cleansing sands. The two heroes were the twin sea-sprite warriors, Salamaelar'da'ashti and Trilamandin'da'ashti. Known throughout the kingdom as great masters of the blade (which is rare among seafolk), even remarking at times that they could rather be a sword than themselves, they were known and loved by all Relag'ashti, and even some Ziabs.
Wielding scimitar and shield and their moonstone seascales, the brothers rallied the Relags in one last furious charge. Hour after hour, the brothers fought side by side. The hours turned into three days. Both suffered numerous grievous and lethal wounds. The water flowed red around them. They fought on until the third day; the Ziabs simply stopped fighting and declared a truce out of simple respect for their determination, contrary to their nature. Salamaelar'da'ashti and Trilamandin'da'ashti concurrently uttered 'The peace of the Shallowlands hath been restored,' and died. More than five hundred Ziabs had fallen to the brother's blades. The demigoddess appeared with the Great Sea Chalice in the midst of the Ashti between the two fallen brothers and announced, 'All here know the sacrifice of these two brethren and their role in the restoration of peace in the Shallowlands. Know that their wishes shall be granted. These two brave warriors shall be buried in the old ways. The Deep Ritual.
The Deep Ritual was fulfilled in the only Deepwater cavern in the Shallowlands where the sun does not reach. The spirits of Salamaelar'da'ashti and Trilamandin'da'ashti which the demigoddess had held in the bodies until the ritual, were set free to swirl in the great Deepwater cavern for a few moments. Relagani then took two handfuls of the cleansing sand of the Great Sea Chalice and sprinkled them over each of the twins' swords, opening them to the magical energies in the cavern and the essences of the demigoddess. The spirits of Salamaelar'da'ashti and Trilamandin'da'ashti thrust themselves into their blades and announced from within the blades, 'We reside!' The demigoddess then smiled and answered, 'As you wish great warriors,' and sealed them in with one more handful of the purest sand from the Chalice. The Twin Blades of the Deep Sea were then passed down from generation to generation of Ashti Chiefs. When many ages had come to an end and the Shallowlands had become the Barrenland. The great fortress of Relaganali had become the topmost cavern of the tallest mountain of Ragadli (which ironically is not related to the name Relaganali) in the Barrenland. The Twin Blades of the Deep Sea were at last thrust into the mound that was the solidified remains of the purest sands in the last dying breath of the forgotten ancient demigoddess Relagani. And there they rest.

Magic/Cursed Properties
First and foremost, the Twin Blades of the Deep Sea cannot be sheathed. When attempted, they glow with a fierce light blue light and the intended sheath bursts into a blinding flash of moonlight. Instead the Twin Blades must be allowed to float around the bearer or naked against his or her garments, but never covered. Even the sheerest cloth will cause the Moonflash.

The following powers are due to the triangular telepathic link formed between the bearer and the Twin Blades.
The Twin Blades of the Deep Sea never use their real names for that would allow a mortal some measure of power over them. Instead, they use the names Salm and Tril. Salm was left-handed so resides in the left-handed blade while Tril was right handed so resides in the right.
The Twin Blades may speak either through the link or projected out of the blade. Salm and Tril are incredibly sarcastic and have the tendency to talk both telepathically and aloud while you are attempting to concentrate on something. The blades are also able to hide certain thoughts from the bearer between themselves although this particular ability dwindles with familiarity and disposition.
The Twin Blades can be wielded like normal bladed weapons, or can be flown through the air in an average of eight feet and one-inch radius around the wielder in compliment to another weapon(s) or shield the bearer wields. This distance may vary with how familiar you are with the Twin Blades and their disposition to you at any particular time.
The Twin Blades may be thrown and called back to the bearer at will telepathically. Only the bearer of the telepathic link at the time (which does not transfer simply with the blades) may use this.
The Twin Blades have no weight when wielded because the blades sense what the wielder is trying to do and move in that direction. Along these lines, it is impossible for the blades to cut the bearer no matter how hard he or she tries unless he or she does something truly evil and unnecessary, the blades will turn on the bearer and kill him or her.
The Twin Blades' telepathic link can only be transferred from bearer to bearer willingly and as a gift, not just one or the other. The Twin Blades must also agree to this. When the bearer dies, the blades either go back to their previous owner or find one of their own that they deem worthy.

The Twin Blades are invincible and cannot be destroyed unless by divine intervention. The blades also impress some skill with the blades and two-weapon style onto the bearer (which increases or decreases based on familiarity and disposition) due to the Twin Blades' memories from passed bearers.

The Twin Blades of the Deep Sea have one actually devastating power. Celestial Cleansing. Due to the pure and perfect nature of the sand of the Great Sea Chalice engrained in the moonstone, the blades have the ability to cleanse anything and everything evil and unholy in a four and three-quarters foot radius (average) around the blade on contact. This too changes with familiarity and disposition. When this ability is activated, the moonstone of the blade glows light blue and the engrained sand particles glow in a fierce red-orange and leaves a slight contrail behind as it swings. Salm glows more brightly light blue while Tril glows more fiercely red-orange. When they encounter something evil or unholy, the effect lasts for approximately ten seconds although this also varies with familiarity and disposition.

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