Filename: Toralf Young-Sword

Morphology: Standard Human

Race: Nord

Sex: Male

Current Age: 6

Occupation: Adventurer

Current Residence: Yngol Barrow

Faction/s: None

Background: Toralf’s family was murdered by bandits while traveling down a road heading towards Whiterun. He was the only survivor. His only possessions are the clothes on his body and his father’s daedric steel longsword.

Currently he has no fixed living quarters and wonders from place to place looking for resources to survive on. His body bares many scars from combat. He can be found moving from place to place fighting and killing bandits for their supplies.

Despite his young age, he is very skilled with his father’s sword. It is confirmed by multiple eyewitness reports that he has slain at least 137 bandits but there might be more that are not known about. Interviews with the local brigands that hangout in the taverns verify these reports.

He is known to various bandit groups as “The Child Warrior” and the stories describe him as “A young Nord boy who carries a fine sword with him at all times. Who, despite his young appearance fights like a battle-hardened war hero.”

Many adventurers have tried to assist him but he insists that he can handle himself. He is not known to have received any training in the art of combat let alone swordsmanship. He knows some pretty good healing spells as well.

It is suspected that he taught himself these skills though pure experience. If this is true then he could be a force to be reckoned with.

When he sleeps he his father’s sword clutched tightly in his hands as if it is something that is keeping him alive.

It is currently unknown if he is wondering aimlessly across the land or if he has some kind of mission or goal to complete.

Current Status: He has recently been sighted staying in the Nordic Ruin Yngol Barrow. This is a popular location for bandits due to the stories of treasure hidden in there so it is likely that he has no need to move from that location. This is further supported by the fact that everyone who has entered doesn’t come out again.

There is still no apparent reason for his roaming the lands. So far no one has bothered interacting with him.

UPDATE: Some new information has been obtained.

Archived reports from Imperial Scouts have recorded various times in which someone resembling Toralf Young-Sword has been seen observing combat between people. These fights involve a variety of weapons besides swords. No attempts were made by the reporting scouts to interact with him.

This might indicate how he got some of his skills. Is is unusual why he is choosing to only fight with a sword though. It might be the fact that it is the weapon he started out with and simply got used to it.

Since he is known to settle inside Nordic Ruins, it is now suspected that he has been reading spell tomes that have been left inside them. An adventurer at The Bannered Mare was heard saying that he has sometimes noticed a young boy follow him into Nordic Ruins and appear to be watching how he fights off monsters inside. This appears to confirm this speculation.

When questioned further it was revealed that the Draugr would not act hostile towards the boy and only attack adults. The adventurer claims that they would simply ignore the boy even though he is clearly in their sight. Why they act this way towards him remains a mystery. Perhaps they figure he is not a threat to them or their resting place.

There are also unconfirmed rumors that Toralf has been seen sparring with Draugr. But there is currently no reason to believe that these rumors are true. Until more credible proof is provided, these claims are assumed to be false.

End of Line.