Tisiphone would be taller if she didnt walk hunched over, with her shoulder length, greasy black hair in her face. She is in her early twenties and her eyes are a peculiar shade of violet, almost purple in color. Most think she is too thin, and will never do well in her mothers profession of whoring. She seldom speaks, is prone to staring, and most people feel that she is overly intense.


Tizzy, as she is more often called, never knew her father, and only knew her mother for a short time. Her mother was a prostitute, and a thief, often knifing her clients and stealing all of their money. unlike the lucky whores who worked in an establishmet, Tizzys mother plyed her trade in the alleys and behind the taverns.

One night her mother met an interesting john, whom took the knife from her, and got her with child, despite her precautions. Tizzy was born, and given to the local monastary to raise. She lived among the sisters there until she was twelve when she was run out for being what the sisters called a reprehensible monster. The fact that she had a pair of elastic tentacles springing from her shoulder blades was not much help to her cause.

Socially outcaste, she escaped to the dirty side of the city, among the drunks and thieves, whores and murderers. She hid her tentacles, coiling them against her back and calling them a hunch, a deformed spine. Few bothered the cripple with the intense eyes and those who did never lived to tell of it. She learned to wield weapons with her extra appendages, plus learned to climb all but the smoothest surface with ease.

After a while she gained the notice of a ranking thief, who took her in, and taught her the ropes of thieving, since she was obviously a survivor and had the hardness needed to be a professional. He taught her any things, including assassination with knives and poison, though she still preferred to strangle her victims with her tentacles. She was a prodigy pupil, and learned the trade with gusto, finally avenging herself of the people who called her a freak and a monster, the ones that she felt kept her crushed into poverty, on the cusp of starvation and death by exposure to near freezing rain, and snow.

Tizzy's mentor leaves her, but not before she learns that he is her father, and has been protecting her at a distance, and that he is not human. He is a creature known as a displacer beast* and has learned how to wear a human form. Without his guidance, Tizzy has fallen out of the guild and is considered a rogue, as hunted by the guild as she is by the city watch.

Tizzy has become a loner by nature, having been a social exile for a long time. She prefers her own company, but when she has to associate with others she prefers the company of men to that of other women. Men seem less likely to make a spectacle of her seeming deformity, plus she feels that most women are mewling weak things that exist for nothing other than their own pampering. She finds a great deal of freedom in the night, running on the rooftops, and scaling places that most people cannot reach without ropes or scaffolding. While a small amount of her thieving is required to pay for her meager lifestyle, the rest is retribution against marks that she dislikes, or for the thrill of danger. She is bitter, and cynical, as she has only seen the jaded side of wealth, and all of the dirty ignoble side of poverty, and of death forgotten in the alley, of people laid low by hunger. She sometimes plays the vigilante, hunting the youths who make sport of abusing other less fortunates. (Be easy on this aspect or instead of a monster, she could come off more like Batman with tentacles)

Roleplaying Notes:

Plot Hooks
Hunt For an Assassin - The PCs have to track down an assassin, and have tracked him to this city, and the local thieves guild. Lost, they run into Tizzy and enlist her aide in bringing down the assassin, whom she has her own vendetta against. Or they have to find Tizzy herself as she is the assassin and is operating outside of the guild.

Blood and Tears - Corrupt officials have begun turning up dead, all strangled. The PCs have to investigate the matter as a friend or ally is suspected to be the next victim. There is a motive to their deaths, all of the dead have been involved in a conspiracy against the kingdom/goodness/the PCs

I am not a monster - The PCs have been brought in to bring Tizzy in for justice dead or alive. Her foes have upped the ante, and superficially she is very much a villian. Thief, and liar, assassin and murderer, the case is easily made. But when they confront the woman, in oddly cinematic style, she is the sympathetic monster. She has been driven to her purpose by societies rejection of her, and her fathers abandonment and mothers death. Are the PCs moved by pity and spare her, or do they take her head and collect the gold?

*The Displacer Beast - taken from Dungeons and Dragons, the Displacer Beast is a large feline monster with a pair of tentacles sprounting from its shoulders. It uses these to manipulate objects, and attack its victims. They have a natural displacement ability that makes it 50% harder to hit them with ranged weapons and gives them a signifigant advantage when trying to hide.

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