Full Item Description
The Scoll has a look of freshness and origionality especally as there is nothing written on it. This is because the secrets are kept within the scroll magically stored. Hundreds of secrets are stored on this relativly small piece of parchment.

The Order of Enlightenment is an immensly wealthy order that has used the power of powerful people through blackmail. They gained knowledge and dirt on people by studying old tombs and books and records. Of these sources they had plenty of access to as before the order resorted to blackmail they were scene as the most prestigious holders of knowledge around with access to as well as ownership of countless libaries and acadamies. The order soon discovered that by using an this knowledge to blackmail nobles, wizard, priests generals and rulers they would not only become rich but have more control over nations than any other single faction. As time went by they traded favours with other important people they had no power over in order to expand their control. Soon they employed rings of assasins and spies and agents in order to physically take care of their other enemies. For fifty years they enjoyed great power. If anyone attacked them then the secrets would be revealed on that person.

These secrets were kept by the order in several well hidden books at first. The actual evidence however was kept in dispersed containers stored in secret chambers and hidden in everyway imaginable and unimaginable. The evidence was the order's lifeblood and only the people who knew its location were the Keylords, the masters of the order.

However their was one magical document that held not just the most important secrets of the order but the whereabouts of the evidence that backed up the claim. This single document was the most important record of the order and was suitably called the scroll of secrets. The secrets of the order were locked in this one document because without them the order was dead. Because of this the scroll was only accessable to the Keymasters who used it to control the retain control of the entire order but also to protect it from the order's many enemies.

However the order had insulted to many powerful men and they soon wished they had never been so bold. On the Day of Enlightenment, the day the Keylords gathered to discuss matters of the Order their enemies struck.

The King, countless nobles, magicians and criminal even the church lent support to the all out offensive. First the Keylords were buchered in the University that was the Order's headquarters, as well as many high ranking scholars. Then a coordinated assult of all the libaries and instatutions of the Order. It only took as few as fifty men to wipe out an entire branch of the order. The men that the Order had played for fools for so long wanted every trace of the order's existence wiped out, every member dead. Due to swiftness of the massacre the Order did not have time use their treasured secrets. Most died swiftly but those who the church got hold of were less fortunate and were years in dying.

But the scroll was never found and the evidence is still hidden in many places.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The scroll is infused with enchanted ink this ink will rise to the surface of the scroll when it is activated in the form of the secrets hidden within it. The secrets are kept in a magical memory much like a modern day computer and can be accessed by writting a password on the scroll then requesting the secrets within. A knowledge of how the scoll works is necessary to find the secrets. The secrets will appear in a summarised version with the whereabouts of the evidence. After not being written on for about an hour or if someone writes the words Good Bye on it the ink will recide.

The scroll is very hard to magically open forcefully.

Roleplaying Notes
The secrets within the scroll can be found by a skilled,probably one of the most skilled enchanters ever that knows how to break the magical boundaries of the scroll. Or alternatly by someone who somehow knows how to access the scroll. In game terms the massacre of the Order happened 20 to 30 years ago.

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