The way of the Arachnid incorporates the themes of poison, traps, and the alienness of the spider or scorpion.

May of these spells have Themes which allow for the spells to be further customized. In the way of the Arachnid, there are two types of Aspects- Venom and Web. Spells that can have an Theme applied will have the applicable Aspects type in parenthesis. It is expected that followers of this school would also endeavour to learn additional Aspects to color their spells.

Unless otherwise indicated, Venom causes lifepoint/constitution damage to the victim without additional side effects. Venom Themes can change this.

Regarding power level, you would need to review the mechanics of your game system to select correct levels, and to fill in any additional details needed.


Arachnidiform (Venom/Web)

This ritual requires the subject to be Enshrouded (See Enshroud) , and the length of time so contained depends on how significant a transformation is desired. Some suggested forms:

  1. Spidertuar - or ‘Drider’ form. Subject’s lower half becomes replaced by an ant-like thorax with 8 spider legs and a massive spider-like abdomen. Gains spinnerets and the ability to climb vertical surfaces.
  2. Scorpitaur - As spidertuar, but instead of spinnerets, the subject gains a venomous tail.
  3. Head becomes that of a spider - 8 small eyes, chitinous skin and fanged mandibles. Still has a humanoid form though the hands and skin have a thoroughly arachnid appearance.
  4. Four additional limbs extend from sides and back. They do not have fully functional hands but can stab and simply grasp things.
  5. Caster's head enlarges to encompass half of their mass. They retain their face, now grossly enlarged, and gains eight spider legs and a massive abdomen. This visage is quite disturbing.
  6. Full spiderform - caster now resembles a massive spider, though its forelimbs end in complex fingerlike attachments granting normal manual dexterity. Gains venomous bite and spinnerets, though speech is greatly affected.
  7. Full Scorpion form - caster now appears as a massive scorpion, with Massive claws, as well as a second set of smaller claws with human-level manual dexterity.

Any subset of the above changes would be possible if the caster wishes a less drastic change.

This change is permanent, but it can be reversed through this same ritual.

Awaken Arachnid

Allows the caster to bring sentiance to a spider, though normally only those of tarantula size or greater can be Awakened. Immediate effect is for the creature to acquire much greater intelligence and self awareness. Note, there is a chance that Awakening will actually draw some form of spirit into the spider, such as a demon or ghost.

Note, it is possible for this spell to be cast upon a Spiderswarm, which creates a hive-mind being.


A being is first Enshrouded for 10 minutes, afterwards they emerge with their flesh covered by chitinous armor with similar protection as chainmail. No weight is added and after the spell expires, this armor falls away and crumbles into dust. The subject takes on a very odd appearance, and social interactions will be significantly impacted.

Greater Carapace

As Carapace, but protection is that of high quality plate armor.

Control Arachnid

Allows the caster to magically dominate an Arachnid, again subject to the caster’s power level. Optionally, they need to research this spell specific to different types of Arachnid.

Detect Arachnid

Caster becomes aware of any and all arachnid type creatures nearby, unless magically aware, in which case a check is needed.

Draw Arachnid

Caster causes a specific location to become compelling to Arachnids so that arachnids of all shapes and sizes will be drawn to that place. The range of this effect is proportional to the caster’s power, and intelligent Arachnids will be immune ut aware of the compulsion

Greater Draw Arachnid

The greater version can draw even intelligent Arachnids, though they could potentially resist the compulsion

Lesser Draw Arachnid

Only small, verminous arachnids are affected by this spell, though the range will be larger. The location could become quite inundated by spiders.

Driftweb (Web)

Creates a large gossamer canopy of spidersilk. This allows the caster to fly with the wind along with his own body-weight of carried items/persons. Additional castings may be used to increase the size of the canopy and the carried weight. It does not provide control apart from altitude.

Enshroud (Web)

Completely covers a subject in spider-silk, which is very difficult to break out of - impossible for those without a short cutting weapon or superhuman strength. While enshrouded they are fairly well protected from all things except falling. The caster can enshroud themselves as well, though it is as easy as ripping paper for the caster to breach the shroud. Unwilling subjects must be trapped or pinned by some other means before they can be subject to this spell.

Eyes of The Spider

Subject gains a number of small, black eyes which greatly improve the subject’s peripheral vision, removing any vulnerability to flanking attacks. Back attacks are treated as flank attacks. Light based attacks will be more effective against the subject.

Fangs (Venom)

This spell will cause existing fangs/teeth/mandibles to become envenomed or will cause spider fangs to be temporarily created.

Grasping Pincers

The spell causes multiple pincered claws to emerge from the ground and these can be directed to snare, trip and grapple opponents.

Molt (Web)

A disturbing healing spell, the subject must first be Enshrouded. The shroud then transforms into a chitinous shell. After a period of time (1 hour per 20% full health restored), the shell becomes brittle and the subject can emerge, though with a distinctly arachnid appearance. Then this too becomes brittle and falls off, revealing the normal being within. Even limbs can be restored through this spell, though it takes several days depending on the size of the limb. Subject should be treated as not having eaten for triple the timeframe molted.


A contingency against death, upon being slain a cloud of spiderlings with web ‘balloons’ emits from the caster’s corpse and magically spreads to the four winds. These spiderlings can fly and move through small openings as needed, and are quite durable for their size. The caster can then choose to be reborn from one of these critters, growing rapidly in size back to full adulthood. This birth results in a strongly Arachnidic form, so the caster will have several obvious Arachnid features such as secondary limbs, spider eyes, fangs, etc. These can be reversed, if desired, with the Arachnidiform ritual.

Scorpion Strike (Venom)

Causes a massive scorpion tail to emerge from the ground - even solid stone - and strike at a single target. Strike can cause massive damage as well as deliver venom.

Scorpion Tail (Venom)

This spell requires the subject to be at first Enshrouded for 1 hour, afterwards they emerge with a scorpion’s tail. The tail allows the caster to deliver a poisonous melee attack. The Scorpion’s tail is considered to be a full-sized melee weapon.


Through use of a Spinnerette, the caster can set up a network of near-invisible webbing over a large area. The web is highly sensitive to disturbance, and so long as the caster is in contact with some part of the web, they can sense movement on or near the webbing.

Shed Spines

The caster causes millions of tiny spines to fill the air nearby. These spines will cause discomfort and irritation to any non-arachnids as well as causing animals to flee.

Silk Castle (Web)

A potent ritual, the caster is able to magically spin webs of remarkable size that can serve as structural elements. Casting this spell requires massive expenditures of manna though the final structures are immensely strong and durable. Additional enchantments to reduce flammability are strongly recommended.


Caster is able to communicate with Arachnids, though their intelligence is not enhanced.


Calls a multitude of small spiders which will follow the caster’s directions, though only very simple commands will work. Commands are followed unquestioningly. These spiders can bite, but only enough to cause discomfort and possibly panic.

Greater Spiderswam (Venom)

Calls a swarm of large, venomous spiders which follow the caster’s directions. They have rudimentary intelligence and can follow commands of moderate complexity. Each 20% of the swarm may make a venomous bite attack.

Spine (Venom)

The caster is able to produce and then throw envenomed spines with magically enhanced sharpness.

Spin Webbing (Web)

Allows the caster to create webs, which will join to any point the caster touches, one to another. This allows for a nearly endless number of options. Individual strands can support 10lbs of weight, and webbing can be produced at up to 1 foot/second. Caster can choose for the webbing to be sticky or not. Additional strength can be gained for a proportional reduction of rate. I.e. 20lbs = 6” per second, etc.

Lesser Spin Web (Web)

Caster can create tiny amounts of webbing from their hands, which can be used in place of string or glue for many purposes. It could even be used effectively for stitching up wounds.

Greater Spin Web (Web)

Caster can cause webs to span between any two solid points (including other webs) up to 20’ apart. Webbing is up to 10’x20x6” per 10 seconds of casting.

Spinneret (Web)

Subject must first be Enshrouded for 2 hours. When they emerge, they now possess a spinneret organ placed somewhere on their anatomy as selected by the caster. They now can create effects like the Web spells on this list. If they are Way of the Arachnid casters, these spells can be cast at 1/2 the manna. If they are normally not a spellcaster, the spells will run on endurance corresponding to their level. A spinneret is a solidly attached 6” diameter spherical structure, not easily concealed. When the spell wears off, it drops off and crumbles into dust. It will also crumble if severed prematurely, though that will leave a sizable wound.

Summon Arachnid

Calls a single arachid, the power level of which corresponds to the caster. The caster is able to communicate with it, and will not appear as either an enemy or prey to it. No control is provided, so the caster best use persuasion, gifts or other enchantments.

Summon Great Arachnon

Arachnon’s are powerful extraplanar beings akin to demons or angels, but with Arachnid features, and a completely pragmatic outlook on existence - amoral if you will. Those who had followed this Way to this point will have already developed a rapport of some type with the Arachnons, and some will appear when called by this spell. The spell does not confer any control over the Arachnon, so whatever relationship the caster had with the being had best be good, and will impact the Arachnon’s actions. The caster retains the ability to dismiss the Arachnon, an event that takes 10-30 seconds to occur once triggered. It should be noted that the Arachnon’s generally expect payment, usually food, for any service provided, and dismissing them without payment will greatly damage the relationship.

Throw Line (Web)

Caster can create a single line of webbing that can reach up to 100’. This line is quite strong - able to support up to 100lbs, and can be used as an anchor point for the other web-spinning spells. The line is strongly adhesive and can be used to grab opponents.

Greater Throw Line(Web)

As Throw line, but either 10x stronger or longer.


Caster can create a door, usually 4’ in diameter, from webbing and local materials, that leads to a small extradimensional place. They can hide behind this door, though depending on how well the door is camouflaged, others may detect it. If the door is seriously damaged, the caster will be expelled out of space into the open. The door does not block sound and the caster can see light and shadows through it. The door can be placed on any surface, including the floor and ceiling, thought the caster will need some type of support to keep from falling out in the latter case.


Caster is able to walk on webs or any other rope-like structure sufficient to support his weight regardless of the angle. There must be sufficient room for the caster ‘above’ this structure to move.


Caster is able to create a web windcatcher that billows upwards. If there is a decent breeze, the caster can then fly with it potentially over great distances. It provides some control and some magic allowing for controlled flight.


A common theme through the spells are Webs and Poisons. Followers of the Path of the Arachnadi can acquire Themes which they can use to modify their spells.


Where spells deliver a venomous effect, those with Venom Themes can substitute the default venom effect with the effect of their Theme: In general, these Themes do not increase the total damage caused by baneful toxins, but add effects.


If a victim is slain with this venom, they arise as undead.


This causes cell death similar to flesh-eating bacteria. Damage causes permanent disfiguring unless cured by magic.


Strongly magic, the being affected will begin to acquire arachnid feature. If the damage from the venom causes the victim to lose consciousness, they will become fully transformed to an Arachnid form.


Venom damages clothing and armor around the wound as well, and will damage metal.


A common venom, this neurotoxin causes muscles to freeze up causing dexterity and movement penalties in addition to damage.


Strongly elemental in nature, this venom causes tissue to turn to stone. If the poison would have been fatal, the target is completely petrified instead. Lesser petrification will eventually return to normal.


Another neurotoxin, this attacks the brain and damages sanity. Any number of mental illnesses may be caused by this. Arachnophobia and Arachnophilia are both very likely outcomes.


Infused with positive energy, this toxin will damage evil-aligned supernatural beings normally not subject to poisons. Normal beings take no damage from Purifying toxins.


Infused with negative and abyssal energy, these toxins can damage good-aligned supernatural beings normally subject to poison.  Normal beings are impacted normally with the addition that only magical antidotes can be used.

Web Aspects


The webs will slowly crush or strangle held victims if so willed by the caster.


The webs are devilishly fine but as strong as steel. Entangled victims will be cut if they are unarmored. Webbing is more easily damaged by metal and fire.


Those enmeshed in webs of this Theme will find their vitality being sapped.


Practitioners of Entwining have some affinity towards that The Way of the Arachnid, as well as vice versa. Webs can be enhanced with Entwiner enchantments.


The webs are venomous and can acquire Venom Themes. Yes, there are spiders with venomous webbing.... The venom is typically less virulent since they are contact poisons.


Webs are significantly more rigid and fire-resistant than normal.


The webs extend into other dimensions that exist in parallel with the ones they are created in. They can affect or be affected by immaterial beings.

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