A troll is a large brutish creature, often lacking in intelligence. It wields primitive melee weapons and wears crude armor. Trolls can be found in caves, abandoned dungeons, under bridges, and other out of the way places. You can encounter them in packs or lone individuals. Trolls can speak simple language but not much.

However due to the technomancers bringing about the rise of the internet, trolls have become much more menacing. Not just satisfied with attacking local settlements and travellers, trolls can now be found lurking in chat rooms, online forums, social media, and pretty much every place users can post their own content.

Because of this, trolls have become the bane of online communities all across the realm. It is well known that in order to defeat them, you must never reply to them no matter how tempting it might be. But people cannot seem to understand that and thus many communities have gone up in flames due to the online havoc trolls wreak.

Just like how trolls can be relentless when persuing their prey offline, online they just as relentless. You can block them. You can ban them. But they will just keep coming back. The more you feed them with your replies, the stronger they get.

It can get so bad that desparate site owners, admins, and moderators have sent adventurers and other heroes to the lairs of these annoying creatures after tracing their location to kill them. Often times you will see notices at the local adventurers guild that say this:


A group of trolls has been disrupting our forums at fightersforum.nerr and derailing threads like crazy. Banning them has proven to be useless. We require an adventurer to slay them for us. The trolls have been traced to Broken Rock Cave.

A reward of 1000 gold pieces is available for anyone who brings us their heads.

Notice posted by Agron Sword-Hand 

Despite them being a mere annoyance online, trolls are very formidable foes and have slain many a unprepared hero. 

Trolls are not just a problem online though. When encountered on the roads, entire routes can be rendered too dangerous to travel. If looking for a home, they can overrun a castle, tomb, or other occupied area that is strong and hard to attack. Trolls are also known to extort money from people crossing bridges or challenge them with confusing riddles.

Basically, trolls are a menace both on and offline. They are hard to kill and very powerful. To defeat them offline you must slay them. To defeat them online you must never ever reply to them once you realize they are trolls. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!

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