Special Equipment:

The Staff of the Traveling Wizard


He is a man of normal stature and height. On first glance he looks to be a man of about 35 years of age, but on closer inspection his age is difficult to determine. He wears a thick black robe over simple travelers clothes; he has a pack on his back. He carries a simple wooden quarterstaff. He has some jewlery, an amulet set with a strange stone, a ring with runes carved on it, and a bracelet that looks like a snake. He also has an owl familar who makes occasional appearances.


The Traveling Wizard is actually quite old. Due to his magic, he does not seem to age. He has been wandering the world for some time and has seen a large portion of it. His exploits are many, he has advised kings, slain beasts, trained wizards, and set many adventurers upon their paths. He does nto have a particular goal per say, only to experience as much of the world as he can. He has no home per say, but many places that he visits around the world. He is not completely unattached, having friends is several places. He wanders from place to place, sometimes with a specific destination in mind, sometimes not. The Traveling Wizard does not always travel alone, he finds companions to travel with sometimes, partakes in adventures. He has traveled with many adventurers as he has been walking the world for 400 years. Records of his journeys are kept for the most part, only by him. Refrences to his exploits and past are as scattered as his journeys. He is generally known as The Traveling Wizard to those who know, because he has had too many different names in too many differnt places. Wealth is not something he craves, nor something he has. He travels and lives simply. Overall he is good hearted, although he bears no attachment to any goal. He has no lord, serves no land. He wll help those who are honorable, and will frequently fight evil that he sees. It is said by those who know him that it is not the destination he loves, but the journey.

Roleplaying Notes:

There are many possibilities for The Traveling Wizard. He steers many adventurers to their goals, as he loves adventure. He could set characters off on a quest, or save them when they are in danger. He is an excellent way to set up a new land or any change of pace or scenery.

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