Of all the battlemages that roamed the country, Eiram was the most renowned for his creativity and sense of humor, so when a lone tower seemingly popped up overnight there was no surprise that he had something to do with it.

As it so happened, Eiram was sitting in a room he had rented in a rather inhospitable tavern when he decided that it would be amazing if he could carry a shelter with him. After all his years sleeping on the ground Eiram wanted something more … extravagant. With his knowledge of combat combined with his prowess in the magical arts he decided a tower would be the most suitable choice for shelter as it has a modest amount of room, sturdy defense and would be a considerable vantage point. Considerable amounts of time and money were spent in building a suitable tower, furnishing it to the mage’s liking and studying the necessary spells for portability. But, after eight months Eiram had a finished product; a tower shield that when embedded in the ground and the proper incantation spoken becomes a full size stone tower. Although he told few people of the power of his shield and even less the secret incantation, there is a chance you or another needy adventurer may stumble upon the shield and its secrets.

Magic Properties

The Tower Shield is an aptly named tower shield designed for an average human being. On the body of the shield in place of a family crest is an image of a stone tower with battlements sitting on a grassy hill. There are runes on the inside of the shield visible to the wielder. The shield, when embedded into the ground and the incantation is spoken, becomes a fifty foot stone tower with two floors and a parapet. There is a spiraling staircase circling the inside of the wall of the tower between the floors. The ground floor houses a small library and cupboards of magic components for spells. The second floor has a bedroom and chests of assorted clothing for different weather, while the top floor is the parapet, a lookout of sorts. The magic of the tower retains all items that were within it at the time it was originally enchanted. That being said anything new placed within the tower will be left lying on the ground next to the shield if it is transformed, so the tower cannot be used to transport living things or inanimate objects. Any items that were within the tower originally can be removed and brought back at any time. To transform the tower back into a shield the caster must exit the tower, place his or her hand on the door and say the incantation, no one can be inside the tower at this time or the spell will not work.

As a side note I did not come up with an actual incantation, as the language of magic is slightly different everywhere. My one idea though would be to say “this is a tower” when casting it on the shield placed in the ground or “this is a shield” on the tower simply out of Eiram’s sense of humor and simplicity.

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