Full Item Description
The book is a codex: 24 folios (11x17 folded in half, becoming four pages) bound together. It was one of the first true books, a codex.

96 pages, 36 illustrations, hand scribed. There were 110 copies made.

Klorak was a man ahead of his time. He was a genius: He studied magic, the body, and nature. He concluded that Gods were nothing more that big spirits that suck up the energy produced by worshipers, giving some piddling healing back in return. He produced a 'great work' outlining how to do 'true healing' using good proceedures and channeling magical energy. His work influence many healing groups and even the healing branches of some churches. However, it offended just about every church known to the world. Eventually, in a backlash, every known copy of the book was destroyed, burned actually, as was Klorak, the scribes who made the books, and many people who did not freely give up their books.

Magic/Cursed Properties
While not magic per say, anyone possessing a copy will be called a heretic by various religions. And we all know what happens to heretics.

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