1. The Iron Talons of Praxingdrell

The Iron Talons are a set of ten moonsilver chased steel nail tips that are bonded to the Queen's fingernails. These are ornate and highly visible, and capable of inflicting serious damage. When worn, these talons allow the queen, or anyone else who has a set of these, to make raking claw attacks for a modest amount of damage. The most effective use of the Iron Talons is a surprise strike, and called strikes to the eyes, face, throat, or other areas where even a modest amount of damage can be highly detrimental.

Queen Praxingdrell very commonly wears these nail tips, and more than once has viciously slashed open the faces of people who have displeased her. Some have ended up blinded, or even died from severed arteries in the neck. Unlike the mundane version, the Queen's Talons are magical and Inflict Moderate Wounds on a successful hit.

2. The Touch of Death

Similar to the Iron Talons, the Touch of Death nail tips are ornate and metallic. When a set of these nails are created they have magics or disease, death, and decay. If used in combat, a successful rake from these wicked claws inflicts horrific wounds. A normal strike creates an infected wound that wont heal. Critical hits turn gangrenous in moments and can be fatal if not purified and treated magically.

The Queen was most commonly known to wear talons like these when addressing and inspecting the troops, or in interrogations to cause painful and horrific pain. Decorum and stoicism are paramount, as a scratch on the cheek from the queen can leave a hale man in the grave in a few days

3. The Talons of the Sorceress Queen

Ornate and baroque, the Talons of the Sorceress Queen are magic accessories, and they can be used for three applications, the wearer of these Talons can Eschew Materials in the casting of spells so long as the materials are 100GP or less, they can be used to cast a boosted or maximized version of the spell being cast, or they can be used to cast Mage Hand or telekinesis with a 5 lb limit at will.

The Talons of the Sorceress Queen are worn for ritual magic casting and other heavy magic use. These are difficult to make and expensive.

4. The Caress of the Vampire

The Caress of the Vampire is a blood red set of nail tips that can be used to draw blood. The magical function of the Caress of the Vampire is that the Caress can cast a draining spell, moved through spilled blood. The damage inflicted by the spell is converted to health restored to the wearer. A variant of the Caress can be used to steal mana or magical essence.

The Caress of the Vampire need not be a massive murderous life stealing power, it can be used to nick and nip here and there and steal a very small amount of health from many victims. The Caress can also steal life force from animals and other living things.

5. The Talons of the Dragon

A black lacquer set of nail tips resembling dragon claws, the Talons of the Dragon are imbued with a single spell like ability, Cause Fear, allowing the Queen of Praxingdrell to wave a clawing gesture at a group of living things and the majority are going to experience fear and will either flee or cower rather than face the wearer of the Talons.

Dramatic pose with a Fear magic item that no one really notices as an actual magic item, flawless.

6. The Claws of the Succubus

The Claws of the Succubus have two functions, if used with a social check and if they inflict a token amount of damage, the Claws of the Succubus can be used as a Charm Person magic item. If these claws are used in conjunction with the actual, the claws will maximize the effect of the spell, allowing a domintrix like figure to draw blood, and then enthrall the person they've bled.

Gestures to any BDSM reference material.

7. The Queen's Finest

The Queen's Finest are a singular set of nail tips made of orichalcum and set with gems of the underworld. These nail tips have the ability to Inflict Serious Wounds, and are considered magical weapons for overcoming damage resistance, and the full set can be used to create a magical shield by crossing the arms over the chest in a dramatic fashion, which is a sustained magical action, but can stop most magic and mundane magic weapons.

The Queen only wears her finest when she is heading out into actual battle, or the rare instances where she accepts a personal challenge.

Author's Note: nails are power objects, and should be treated as such, especially when they can be baroque and dramatic, and worn by a suitably powerful and bombastic figure.

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