Item Level: RARE
Description: In the dawn age, fae did war against the followers of Danu and great was the bloodshed, none more so than by the hands of the Sidhe known as Culann. In battle, he would stride forth with a great spear, stained by the blood of the enemy. While in his hands, he delivered death to eight great Fomorian chieftains. But in his last battle with a legendary Fomorian known as the Storm did he finally meet his end. Upon his last breath, the spear changed shape, turning into a white mist that coalesced until only a white ring etched in the names of the dead Fomorians remained.

The ring was collected by Culann's mortal followers. Fearing the stain that was on this weapon, they locked it in a tomb from the prying eyes of all that sought it. The spell was in such a way that only those who did not seek it would find it.

And so, the spear sat undisturbed for thousands of years, a forgotten relic that few remember existing.

It was only in the 2nd Century AD, that a young Sidhe would come across the tomb while exploring for faerie mounds in Ireland. Prying forth the great stone slab that blocked the entrance he stepped forth in a place that no one had walked in millennia. Down he went, deep into the earth, until he entered a great eight sided chamber. At the center of the chamber was a simple stone plinth. At the top of the plinth, in the dull light of the torch in the Sidhe's hand, a ring gleamed menacingly.

As he came forward, suddenly he could hear voices. They grew in intensity until it sounded like the roar of flames in his ears. Tentatively, he reached out and touched the ring. On cue, the voices suddenly grew still and the Sidhe looked around uncertainly. With a shuddering breath, he lifted the ring and brought it closer to his face. He could just make out the names etched along the band of the ring but could not decipher the ring. As he studied it closer he could make out a strange sigil carved on the inside.

Despite his trepidation and driven by curiosity, he slid the ring on his finger and groaned as suddenly the sigil on the inside of the ring burned into his flesh and melded with his skin. Almost immediately the voices that he had heard approaching the ring returned, only this time they echoed with fury in his head and this time he could understand them.

Eight distinct voices screamed for release, their fury, their hatred, all threatening to overwhelm the young Sidhe. Falling to his knees, he fought to not be overcome, to master their voices and reclaim his mind as his own. For what felt like an eternity within the chamber passed when the Sidhe was finally able to master himself and rise. With the ring fixed firmly on his finger, he left the chamber behind

About the Spear: The ring itself appears as a simple white band made of some unknown metal. Etched along the ring's band is red script telling the names of the dead Fomorians this weapon has felled. On the inside of the band is a simple sigil that can easily go unnoticed by those studying the ring.

It's only as one puts on the ring that it becomes clear what it is. Upon contact with skin, the sigil inside the band of the ring activates and seals itself to the bearer. Only death of the bearer allows the ring to become inactivated and slide off the finger. With a concentration of will on the bearer's part the ring will transform.

The ring will become like a mist and stretch out to take a shape of a spear. As it takes the shape, the mist becomes opaque and shifts colors to a crimson in color. Suddenly the spear is corporeal. With a length of nine and a half feet (2.9m) the spear itself is stained red in color, made of some type of hardwood not native to this world. The spearhead itself is 50cm long and shaped like a crimson leaf but razor sharp. The sigil that was on the inside of the band is now writ large across the widest part of the spearhead.

Anyone that has their blood drawn by the spear will grow weaker and weaker until they die. There is no way to heal from a wound drawn by the spear. The strength that is stolen from the spear is transferred to the wielder who is able to wield it for a brief period of time before it burns out depending on the amount of energy drawn from the victim, fortifying them and even healing them if necessary. It is not permanent for the essence drawn does not remain tied to the spear for long. If thrown the spear can also be drawn back to the hand of the wielder by Calling to it, typically by the name of one of the Fomorians' names on the band.

The spear is partially sentient. The voices of the dead Fomorians each have their distinct personality and are eager to supplant the mind of the wielder and become master. The wielder must be constantly vigilant and disciplined to such attempts for if they lost control their minds would be obliterated and their name would replace that of whoever Fomorian mastered them on the band. They would be doomed to an eternity trapped with the seven Fomorian chieftains who died by the spear.

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