Baron Tersh Aliet was an evil man. Utterly depraved, he drove his villeins to the utmost. He brought his mighty family reputation crashing to the ground. Eventually, thanks to his harsh mastery, his serfs revolted. One of the kitchen maids, late one night, seduced an armory guard, and stole a crossbow. She gave it to her brother, who, working in the field the next day, hid it under a haystack. As Baron Aliet rode by, the young serf snatched up the crossbow, and shot him. He was immediately slain by the guards, but his example caused an uprising. All the serfs were slain.

Aliet Manor has been abandoned for nigh on a century, but there were the rumors found with any abandoned house, that of haunting, of the spirits of previous owners walking the hall. Both of these are true. However, the bandit group did not believe so, and, given the Manor’s strategic position, moved in. Their first few weeks there were uneventful, until they waylaid their first caravan. Then their leader, a man named Riryd Daros, found that he could affect people’s minds. Another bandit, a fairly minor one, named Alain Aradik, while under mind control, began recieving visions. Seemingly prophetic, they told of what would happen should Tersh Aliet’s spirit be loosed. Because of the just nature of his death, and the unjust slaughter of the villeins, his spirit, along with that of his slayer, is bound to this house, however, should Daros ever leave, Aliet will ride Daros away, out from the protection of the serf boy. Everytime Daros engages in banditry or any form of injustice, Aliet will gain power, and impart it to Daros, until Daros is unstoppable, a mortal demon.

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