By all accounts, this organization is like 'The Daughters of the American Revolution' and other descendent of the those who fought in a way organization. They get together for victory days or local battle holidays (Goblin's day in Antioch) and have social get togethers.

There is a movement which is using the Returner's Legacy as a contact point (almost a cover, but it is not that organized). It is all about Humanti Independence. This is not political independence, as the Elventi Imperial army would crush any rebellion, but cultural independence. (Though there are a few who are thinking this might not be a bad idea someday.) These are people who no longer wish to live in the shadow of the Elventi. They want to re-establish a Humanti culture with Humanti roots, rather than just adapting Elventi culture to a 'short lived'/'short hand' form. They speak the old language. They are trying to affect elements of the old style (what people wore and ate before contacting the Elventi). Since it has been many hundred years since the Human Exodus, it is fanciful returning to the old.

(Actually it is admusing that the HighLanders - those primitive folks in the hills who they have spent centuries persecuting - are closer to Humanti's original culture than the LowLand SecondLanders.)
Many Returners are trying to forge new Humanti forms of dress, speech, and food. They are struggling, trying to find a new Humanti way. Most of their attempts are strange and ignorable. Returner's in Antioch are embracing Ariones's New Way and where it will lead, despite their worries about the Chaos inherent to it.

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