The priests of Mammon dress very well indeed.Many priests take a vow of poverty-but not the priests and priestesses of Mammon. At the bottom are the vicars and vicaresses, who wear a robe of fine red cloth and a torc of silver around their necks. Every town where Mammon is worshipped will have one or two priests. The great cities have a male or female Bishop,who wears a robe of purple silk and a golden torc.And the very top rank, and there are only about twenty of them, are the Cardinals,who wear purple and red silken clothes and golden torcs with jewels set in them.

The priests and those above them help people to set up farms and bisnesses in return for a monthly tithe to the Church.They also lend money at high rates of interest to those who worship other gods and goddesses.In their eyes, whilst they must do nothing to harm their flocks and thus their God, it is fine to extract large amounts of money from non-beleviers, providing it is not through outright theft/extortion.

The smaller churches are relitivly plain, to stop non-believers robbing them,but the great cathedrals are wonderful to behold,with golden altars,stained glass windows,and pico-wood benches with soft pillows for those who kneel to pray. Most of the money goes to keep the Churches running. A beliver who steals from his or her Church, and that includes embezzelment at even the highest levels, is cut off from his/her God, who lets the priests at all ranks know of this through a dream.Such a person is excommunicated, will have bad luck in life in a myriad of small ways, and, it is beleaved, will go to Hell in the afterlife and their souls will wonder starving in a plane of cold for all eternity.

A good worshipper, will have their own idea of Heaven awaiting them in their afterlife.Whilst those who serve Mammon do not want to die, they do not fear death as much as others because of their thoughts of a happy afterlife.

When they die they are buried with a small coin in their mouth to pay their way into Heaven.Apart from that there are no treasures in their tombs, as it would mean that sooner or later the tombs would be robbed,and anyway, buried wealth is no good to the Church.

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