Surrounding the city of Leen for at least 7 miles in every direction, the Old City are a massive collection of ruins. Leen was once a metropolis, but after the Bloodrock Wars, much of the city was abandoned. Overgrown roads and crumbling buildings are the only thing that can be seen, but any who travel within will feel a constant watching and a hostile presence. If they are insufficiently protected, undead and fey drawn to the aura of suffering the Old City has will attack and a new one will arise. Occasionally, cults or criminals can also be found hiding in the ruins. Rumor also spreads of beautiful men and women who have been spotted attempting to lure travelers into the shadows. And sometimes, the shadows move. They seem almost...hungry

Some of the more famous ruins include Olgen's Observatory, which every night is haunted by starspawn, The Temple of Blades, around which a dozen mad golems stand guard, killing any who come too close and adding their blood to a large pool in the temple courtyard, and Saln's Tower, which is famous for it's unnatural lack of being ruined.

Random Ghost Table

Descriptor Manifests As Phenomona Power
Gray A male demihuman Wrapped in chains Animates nearby objects
Old A female demihuman Bloody Cause unreasoning fear
Weeping A swarm Wails can be heard from a distance Causes sudden tensions
White A folkloric animal(black dog or similar) Begs for death Causes aging
Crone A regular animal Seems to relive memories Causes nausea
Haunt Something monsturous Leaves victims insane