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August 15, 2016, 1:38 pm

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The Old City


The first rule of surviving in Leen: Never enter the Old City but in day and with a holy symbol and every talismand you can carry

Surrounding the city of Leen for at least 7 miles in every direction, the Old City are a massive collection of ruins. Leen was once a metropolis, but after the Bloodrock Wars, much of the city was abandoned. Overgrown roads and crumbling buildings are the only thing that can be seen, but any who travel within will feel a constant watching and a hostile presence. If they are insufficiently protected, undead and fey drawn to the aura of suffering the Old City has will attack and a new one will arise. Occasionally, cults or criminals can also be found hiding in the ruins. Rumor also spreads of beautiful men and women who have been spotted attempting to lure travelers into the shadows. And sometimes, the shadows move. They seem almost...hungry

Some of the more famous ruins include Olgen's Observatory, which every night is haunted by starspawn, The Temple of Blades, around which a dozen mad golems stand guard, killing any who come too close and adding their blood to a large pool in the temple courtyard, and Saln's Tower, which is famous for it's unnatural lack of being ruined.

Random Ghost Table

Descriptor Manifests As Phenomona Power
Gray A male demihuman Wrapped in chains Animates nearby objects
Old A female demihuman Bloody Cause unreasoning fear
Weeping A swarm Wails can be heard from a distance Causes sudden tensions
White A folkloric animal(black dog or similar) Begs for death Causes aging
Crone A regular animal Seems to relive memories Causes nausea
Haunt Something monsturous Leaves victims insane

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Comments ( 8 )
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July 27, 2016, 21:30
Is this really meant to be an invitation for collaboration or just advice requested on what more to add? If the latter, can the author briefly outline what feedback he/she is seeking to get?
July 31, 2016, 21:04
Moonlake - maybe a word or two on what requesting a collaboration usually means? I've never seen it / done it.
July 31, 2016, 23:36
Originally, the collaboration requested submission type was meant to be a submission type meant for situations where you ran into trouble bringing a sub to conclusion and asks for help from everyone (it was called Advice Requested) though a few of us with the perfectionist streak/cautionary personality uses this submission type so that Strolenati can pre-screen our subs and comment and we can see whether we need to edit our subs before releasing it to the public and then there are instances where people want a collaborator in on a piece and can't select a relevant submission type out of the others and select what was then Advice Requested. So then Strolen wanted to separate out b/w all these widely different uses for this single submission type and decided to change its name to Collaboration Requested to cater for the third group of users cos we can always give a shout-out in the chatbox or forums if you need help. But as far as I know, established Strolenati just stuck with their sub like I said and want any feedback to get them out of it probably still uses this submission type. And really, I think this is a submission type very much neglected anyway. I think Scras tried to put a few of his attempted 30s into Collaboration Requested to get collaborations on board to help him take them to 30 but no one took up his call so then he just ended up publishing them as normal subs but tagged them as incomplete. Val created a new region called the Workshop holding all "not quite done submissions that could use a helping hand" to try to address this neglect or experiment with a new concept but I think I'm the only one who has taken any interest in this region.

On collaboration here in the Citadel, there is a distinction between first author and contributing author. This distinction doesn't affect xp, levelling and number of subs written etc. but does affect quests. I've done a 50/50 collaborative sub for a quest before and I wasn't credited as having done the quest even though the submission was one of the two tied-winners of the quest cos I wasn't the first author. I personally don't care about credits too much but just giving you a full picture of stuff since you and falcon are relatively new to the Citadel. In practice, a piece becomes a collaborative sub when the first author inputs the author id(s) of specific Strolenati into the contributing author box on the submission page (one of these options on the RHS of the screen). I think originally, this collaborative sub option wasn't meant for 50-50 collaborations but was for an older version of the Citadel where we got this submission type called scrolls that has now been superseded by the ability for readers to submit ideas to a submission to add to it where authors would tag someone as a contributing author if they started a new scroll and someone came along and added a great number of items to the scroll.

Sorry, became long history lesson.
July 31, 2016, 23:49

In short, if you want to have a collaborator, any collaborator, just select the Collaboration Requested submission type (on RHS of submission page where the default option is Normal Submission) but you are NOT guaranteed to have anyone even knowing about it, less jumping on board. Slightly better way in terms of getting attention is to go to Sagely Advice on forum and outline your sub but again whether people want to jump on board vary on case-by-case basis. Best way is for you to identify who you want as a collaborator exactly and then PM him/her directly within forums (or you can try to catch people in the chatbox but you might not get lucky cos even established Strolenati wander in and out of the Citadel constantly). At the forums page, go to My Message sandwiched between "Member Map" and "Members" on the forums drop-down and there are only two options: Read message or Write message. You can PM to anyone as long as you get their username right. Sent messages will be remain in your Outbox till they are read by the other person (so they are not actually stuck, they only appear to be stuck. We thought that was a bug before and reported it to Strolen but apparently it's a unique feature of the forum code which he outsourced. :) )

August 10, 2016, 19:01
I was hoping for expansions on the location to make it more interesting.
August 10, 2016, 20:26
Tagged this in my favs in case one day I can contribute sth to this but if I was you, the first thing I would try to suss out for myself is the relationship between the Bloodrock Wars and how it changes the Old City so that it becomes a massive collection of haunted ruins i.e. is it just a lot of bloodshed and you have a lot of the slaughtered lying around who can't go the nether realms OR is it sites of mass slaughter attracts some type of 'bad karma' etc. etc.
August 11, 2016, 15:00
I was just hoping for this to expanded and made more adventurable
August 11, 2016, 19:25
So I guess you are really looking for inputs into the random ghost table or adding/expanding on the more famous ruins (potentially).


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