The Ocular Court:

Sightos & Optiscus - The Gods of Eyes- Sightos is the Eye-Father, Optiscus is his Blind Queen.

Percepticus - The God of How We Perceive - Percepticus governs how we interpret what we see. He is a god of the philosophical aspects of what we see. A keeper of many secrets, he encourages different viewpoints about how mortals view the world. From suggesting that the eye creates new images as the focus changes, to saying not everything looks the same to everyone, and even promoting the idea that a human eye can physically change the world around it by willing yourself to see something differently. The symbol of Percepticus is a large eye with an rainbow hued iris.

Visax - The God of Visual Acuity - Visax governs the ability to to distinguish the finer details of an object viewed. His symbol is an outstretched hand with an eye topping each fingertip. When engaging in worship of, or making prayers to, Visax, it is common to stare intently at a slowly-rotating multi-faceted object for a long period of time. His priests will teach you that in order to enhance your sight, you must push it to its limits. Like any muscle, the power of your eyes can be increased by straining them to detect the slightest of differences in the surface of an object.

The Myths of Sight:

It is said that long ago, when the world was forged, two married gods: Sightos and Optiscus were intent of spreading their gift among the races of mankind. Optiscus gave birth to three sons upon the Dawn of Creation. The first-born, Percepticus, gave color to the world. The second-born, Visax, gave depth and shape between the colors. And the third-born was a horrible mutant, Hyewmor, who proceeded, upon his birthing, to gouge his mother's eyes out and devour them. He was outcast to the Places Between, where he now broods. Optiscus created The Land of the Blind to house her family. A black place of eternal darkness that hides the Ocular Court from the claws of Hyewmor.

Hyewmor - The Black Eye - In the great scheme of cosmic things, Hyewmor is a black eye upon the face of the Ocular Gods. He is quiet and brooding, yet prone to severe violence in an instant, he is an unnatural enemy who is always scheming for control, power, and the death of the other Ocular Gods. When acting upon mortals, he is a trickster, typically impersonating the roles of one or all of The Ocular Court.

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