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April 2, 2006, 5:33 pm

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The Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood


A brotherhood of three warriors who fancy themselves to be the strongest men in all the world.

Special Equipment:

Great Boulder Bao- The Girdle of the Mighty Throat: An enchanted belt that allows him to knock others over with a shout.

Pan-Ku- Mountain-Crushing Tetsubo: A great studded war club that causes small earthquakes when struck against the ground.

Supreme Mountain Fai: Great Mighty Mountain Armor: Armor of white jade as strong as steel.


Great Boulder Bao: A massive, meaty man with huge muscles, over six feet tall. He wears loose, flowing pants and goes barefoot. Around his waist he wears his Girdle of the Mighty Throat, a simple leather girdle with a single diamond in the center.

Pan-Ku: Pan-Ku is somewhat of an oddity. He is a panda-man, a hominid panda, very large and strong, and standing eight feet tall. He wears a loose, robe-like tunic tied at the waist with a sash of red silk. He also goes barefoot. In his left hand, he carries his Mountain-Crushing Tetsubo.

Supreme Mountain Fai: He is a gigantic man, over seven feet tall, with a massive rotund body and meaty arms and legs. His body is incased in his Great Mighty Mountain Armor, which is made of white jade as strong as steel. He carries a massive warhammer with a stone head.


In the Great Granite Mountains, there is a small region of high cliffside paths, deep rifts, and box canyons that is known to those who know the mountains as the Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood Turf. Though the Turf contains the Great Eagle Pass, the quickest route through the Granite Mountains, travellers are advised to stay as far away as possible from the area, due to the predations of a powerful trio of bandits. This is almost the truth.

The “trio of bandits” are a group of three, large, powerful warriors who call themselves the Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood. Whenever travellers pass through their turf, the Brotherhood waylays them and forces them into combat to test their strength. The three components of the Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood are:

-Great Boulder Bao: Great Boulder Bao was Supreme Mountain Fai’s first companion. The two paired up in the small village of Uigashe-Dan. Great Boulder Bao is usually the first one to fight travellers, and uses only his prodigious fists of fury.
-Pan-Ku: When Supreme Mountain Fai and Great Boulder Bao went into the mountains, they discovered this panda-man living in a bamboo grove in the foothills. They discovered that he was a mighty fighter, and so recruited him into their Brotherhood. Pan-Ku assaults travellers after Bao, and uses his Mountain-Crushing Tetsubo in battle.
-Supreme Mountain Fai: Supreme Mountain Fai was the one who came up with the idea of the Brotherhood, when he and his childhood friend Bao found their talents of strength and combat skill. He usually attacks last, and uses his massive stone warhammer.

If a traveller defeats all of the Brotherhood in combat, they may discover that the three warriors are quite pleasant folk, and that Pan-Ku cooks a fine mushroom soup. After spending the night with the Brotherhood, they are led on the correct path to Great Eagle Pass, or, if they are strong enough, they are invited to join the Brotherhood. In the unfortunate case that the traveller is defeated, the Brotherhood refrain from killing them, but take any food they may have and their weapons and deposit them at the base of another pass. The local authorities have been trying to root out the Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood for months now, but the confusing multiple paths and canyons of the Turf have foiled them every time.

Roleplaying Notes:

No, I did not make up the name “Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood”, just so you know.

-Bao is quiet and smiles a lot. Pan-Ku has a strange animal charm about him and is fond of the phrase “Dragon’s nostrils!” Fai is jolly and is often chuckling.

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Comments ( 5 )
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August 15, 2003, 4:24
Could be easily adapted into other settings. Perhaps they protect something, so only the worthy may pass? And where do they have those powerful magical items from?
August 15, 2003, 12:10
Took them from people who tried to get through the mountains but failed.
August 15, 2003, 17:44
Perhaps the trio is searching for a band of companions that are worthy of delving into a dangerous cave in search of a lost treasure. The cave could be infested with some type of other-worldly evil that they encountered and failed to defeat, and they could have retrieved their mystical item from the cave; producing interest in the delvers at the chance of finding more.
Voted Murometz
June 19, 2006, 11:44
I like this trio and the way they are presented. A fun read!
Voted valadaar
August 5, 2014, 12:09
If not you, then where did that name come from? The Anime/Kung-fu Panda vice is strong in this one.


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