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March 27, 2009, 6:59 pm

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The Keerg


With one of the most bizarre anatomies recorded the keerg are strange indeed. And that’s not mentioning the thirteen tentacles.

Quick Description
The keerg were found a hundred years ago but have only begun to contact the human race about two decades ago. They have been fair in their dealings and are helpful to all.    
We have learned a lot from them but recently they have raised an army that is very hostile to everyone else. This army is known as The Dark Crusaders. Work is being done to deal with them as we speak.  
Keerg Physiology  
Keerg have a body that is like a sphere of flesh which levitates in the air and is five feet in diameter. There is a round mouth in the top that is filled with serrated, inward pointing teeth and they have thirteen tentacles ranging from eight to twelve feet or more in length depending on age. Keerg live for any length of time but as they age they slowly become more susceptible to viruses and diseases. Indeed, aside from physical trauma (such as an explosion or some bullets fired into them), or some disease or parasite they never die. Like reptiles they never stop growing but continue to get larger as their life goes on. 
Their flesh is slightly slimy and a reddish color ranging in shade from bright red to almost black, but normally in the purple hues. Their organs are like those of humans (i.e. heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines, etc.)except they are held in a sack within the body. Keerg lack any bladder or accompanying organs and it is determined that the slime their skin produces is how the indigestible material is removed from the organism. But they also have exceptional enzymes in their stomach capable of breaking down anything into an indigestible form. They have no bone structure yet neither are they jelly-like due to their muscles. They have a telepathic ability ranging anywhere from a type of empathy, which has been felt first-handed, to total mind control; depending on their training, age, and innate ability. They also use this as a way to sense other beings, even robotic ones.
Social and Government Structure
The keerg have an odd government type. The closest thing to it is a republic. There is a king or emperor of sorts but he only has power when it comes to diplomatic affairs and foreign policy. There is also a council but there are no elections, when another member is needed then one steps forward. If there are any who oppose this new member than a vote is held after both the possible new council member and the one who is challenging him have stated their cases. All members of the council speak with each other through a special telepathic means that links them all. Each one knows the approximate position of all others and anything they say on to one they all hear in their minds. Thus there are no formal meetings. When one is no longer worthy of the council then a vote is taken to cast him from their presence, if he is then he loses the telepathic bond with the rest of them and is no longer a council member. Anyone can take anything to the council but if they have several things to discuss then they are allowed the privilege of choosing what order they are done in.
All keerg are equal with some exceptions. Council members are highly respected as are others in important positions. The King, or Monarch as they call him, is given the greatest respect and many would say that he is, in fact, superior to the rest of the race. But this is a small minority.
The new monarch is chosen when the old one dies. It is not a process that is similar to much else. At the moment of the Monarch’s death, all keerg instinctively know who the next monarch is; even the new Monarch.

Keerg History  
The keerg’s first recorded history is about a thousand years ago when a massive civil war which devastated their race came to an end. Some broken reports from the war suggest that it originated by one side wanting to dominate the rest of the galaxy while the other merely wanted to help those with less technology. It has been assumed that the latter claimed victory through one means or another. Since then they have only explored and slowly recovered from what they call the Apocalypse War. They call it this because nearly three fourths of them were killed either in battle or in the destruction of their home world that ended it.  
About a hundred years ago they met the human race, but they stayed distant for eighty years and then met with the rest of the galaxy on a more even scale. About ten years ago the trouble began. The actions of the keerg have been unknown while The Dark Crusaders were invading due to their impressive anti-intelligence ability.  
The future is dark, and many fear it is the end, but who can say what is to come? We do not when the keerg will end, nor if they ever will. Yet many have hope, and with it we shall prevail.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted EchoMirage
March 27, 2009, 5:08
Can't say I like it. Sketchy, not too well described (how can they have organs like humans when they are an invertebrate tentacled ball?). No description of culture, social order, tech...

This needs a lot of work on your part.
Voted valadaar
December 11, 2013, 11:07
It can stand as it is - though it could use elaboration.

A decent starting point, though not stellar.
Voted Dozus
February 4, 2014, 6:56
It's not awful - as is, it's a sort of funny-looking floaty thing that looks monstrous but isn't. More details to set it apart would be nice. And while the "We're still learning more about them" bits might be good for the game setting they're put it, as a GM/writer I'd prefer to know more about them.

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