Binky the Crown Jester served many kingdoms for over his years, travelling from one to the next when the price for his services became to much for the rulers to bear. Binky was no mere court fool, but a skilled magican and enchanter as well. He used his magics and minor enchantments to provide entertainments unparalleled in the history of fools, and always left his former court with a small, hand-crafted golem to amuse them in his stead, each specifically made for the kingdom.

He found himself unemployed after a bloody coup that killed his wife, a former princess, and left a land in anarchy. Distancing himself from the intrigues and deceit of royalty, he took to adventuring, becoming a useful and amusing addition to many a troupe. Upon seeing yet another group load piles of treasure into a bag of holding, an idea clicked for Binky. He retired from adventureing for near to a decade, and created The Jester's Loot.

Binky had designed a spell, called Binky's Ballons, and during his years as a jester he used it to make things act as if they were filled with a gas lighter than air. This lead to the famous Ceiling ball at the Cheveaur Palace in Torsen and led Prince Victas to invent the Dove's dance, with steps that can only be perfomed by floating dancers. The targets of the spell would grow in size, living creatures almost double in size, non-living targets grow almost six times thier original size and float into the air, as if they were actually bouyant in water.

Binky had little use for this spell as an adventurer, but when he saw the bag of holding being used to transport loot, he had a brainstorm. He bought a small sailboat, and most of the colorful viels in a small duchy, and commissioneda goldsmith to craft several hundred small bells; and set his skills as an enchanter back to use. The end of his works is an eighteen foot sailboat that can comfortably sleep eight, tethered to an enormous, multicolored sack of woven scarves almost thirty feet long and ten feet around, covered in hundreds of tinkling bells. The opening of the sack has most of the bells on it.

Magical Properties:

The sack has been enchanted to hold the effect of Binky's Ballons, so that when things go inside, they inflate and float. This effect is permanate untill removed from the sack, in much the same manner as the bag of holding makes things smaller and lighter.

It would take approximately 80 to 100 items to lift the airship off the ground, and as more are added, more altitude is gained. The maximum capacity of the airsack is about 500 things, more or less. Living items provide less lift, so almost three living things would equal the lift of one nonliving thing. Oddly enough, Binky's Ballons has no effect on things inside of other things, which probally a good thing, since otherwise, a persons internal organs would be uncomfortably bloated. So, if a purse of coins is placed into the sack, the purse will inflate, but not the coins, wasting a lot of potential lift. It is much more efffective to remove the coins and throw the collected pile into the airsack.

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