The grey talon assassins use many different methods of killing, and have two different sects. The first is the warrior thief sect. They use brutal methods of killing, and cost slightly less. They will enter a building, often directly into the room their mark is in. They posses great patience and skill, and can case a place for many days. Their preferred weapons are, in general, punch daggers that are enchanted to cause a continually bleeding wound.
The second sect is the mage assassins, who cost much more than the more brutal assassins, but are much more subtle in their use of poisons, spells, illusions, and sometimes even herbs. often they will summon and disguise a minor demon, or plant a piece of blood vine on the mark, calling to them a displacer beast. The most prominent members of this sect have mastered telepathy and minor mind control.

There are many rumors that the Grey Talon assassins were founded by a greedy Illithed, but those have yet to be proved.

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