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The Green Ladies, also known as the Verdant Horde, are normally seen as breath-taking women, with long flowing hair and long, close-fitted robes that accentuate nearly ideal figures.

This is, however, a cruel illusion, for the being's true appearance is as comely as a thornbush. While still having a basic female humanoid figure they have little else in common with most beings. Their faces are flat and featureless like the side of an acorn. Their skin is olive colored and their head is adorned with long, green hairlike fibers as well as long, thin, vine-like tendrils. Their lith arms are slender and their hands have segmented thorn-like fingers which end in viciously sharp points. Their feet are masses of hard, tuber-like material of similar consistency as hardwood.

Additional Information
The Green Ladies are the agents of the The Queen of the Dark Wood of the dark wood, an ancient power that preceded all of the current pantheons of Neyathis. She is a power that holds domain over all flora and holds no love at all for mankind.
The origin of this emnity is long in the past, and results from some interaction between the Queen and the newer gods of Neyathis. She is firmly committed to destroying all of their works...Unlike Dryads, they are both mobile, and absolutely hostile to non-vegetative intelligence. Though they tolerate the presence of animal life, their ideal world would have naught but plant life. Even those beings who revere the forests are not immune to their emnity. They are not above working with non-vegetative life if it advances their goal, they will simply seek later to betray and slay their 'allies'.
The Ladies know of Dryads, and although they will not attack them directly, will definitely try and cause trouble by framing them for attacks.Green Ladies will not directly attack enemies unless the odds are heavily in their favor, but once committed, they fight to the death. When the odds are not high enough, they will resort to traps, sabotage and controlled creatures to attack their foes. Their illusions allow them plenty of opportunity to take advantage of male victims.
The Green Ladies are slightly less intelligent then humans, but still capable of much cunning, being able to organize ambushes, sabotage equipment and use human weapons. Their limited intelligence comes into play when their plans are upset. They are unable to adapt quickly to changes and instead will either flee or revert to simple violence.
The Green Ladies work in large groups, usually led by an exceptional member of their race, usually more intelligent or strong of will. Typically two dozen form a clump of Green Ladies. Within a clump, the Green Ladies are team players and will not fight amongst themselves. Their plans lose all sophistication should they lose the exceptional member of the clump.
The Green Ladies cannot actually speak. They use their powers of illusion to communicate - beings 'hear' their speech as auditory illusions. They can understand spoken languages through their link with their Queen. Beings immune to illusion cannot hear their speech, which might reveal their nature.
The Green Ladies spawn from seeds cast to the earth by their queen, each seed producing roughly two dozen sprouts which mature within 6 months into fully functional Green Ladies. These seeds fly on the wind for hundreds of miles before landing and sprouting. They do not tolerate sun early on, so generally only those landing in wooded areas will germinate. The Queen dispenses seeds unpredictably, whenever her seething fury overflows.
Magic& Religion
For worlds where extra-planar realms exist, an astral 'runner' joins each Green Lady with their queen, and serves as the conduit for their powers. This also allows the queen to communicate with them and to see through their eyes..Unable to perform sophisticated magics, they do have innate powers drawn from energies granted them by their queen. The primary ability they have is the ability to produce powerful illusions that allow them to appear as normal humans or other humanoids. As a secondary ability, they can control mobile plant-life within line of sight, and to tap into their senses. To make this particular talent more deadly, they impart onto their controlled flora the ability to find the weaknesses in Man's works - allowing them to destroy inanimate structures much more rapidly then would be expected. They also occasionally have the ability to work magic, but not forms requiring speech. There is no room in their minds for any apart from their queen, who is both their liege and god.

Plots and Campaign Use

The Green Ladies are basically an unreasoning foe to most intelligent life and can take the place of various goons.
They represent a primal force of nature which wants to strangle and slay all humanity, to bury their works beneath the roots of trees and their bodies as fertilizer.

Silent Elfholm

The PCs come across a small elven village - perhaps they were coming to meet someone or seek help. However, the village was overcome by a force of Green Ladies and now is populated by numerous dangerous mobile plants, many of which sitting atop mouldering elf remains.

Yerthic the Mad

A mage has been studying the threat of the Green Ladies and has devoted much time to them. He has located where he thinks a Clump is maturing, and contracts the PCs to obtain them before they mature. This might actually come to pass, with later havoc caused by Yethric after somehow controlling his green Beauties, or the information is old, and the PC's arrive to a fully mature clump of Green Ladies..

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