Full Description
The Great Serpents are the primary form of riding transportation for the Eshal. These massive, venomous creatures are one of the primary reasons that the Eshal were so successful in running roughshod over the cities of the Mer-folk.

Great Serpents are, on average, about 13 feet (about 4 meters) from snout to tip of the tail. Their bodies, save their underbellies, are lined with tiny, brightly-colored scales; there is a ridge of large, plate-like scales down the center. The head is reminiscent of a snake's, with horned ridges over the eyes and jawline. Like a land-borne snake, they smell with an organ in their tongue. They have short, triangular razor-sharp teeth, which they use to great effect; the edges of these teeth secrete a powerful venom.

Great Serpents can travel very, very fast, faster than any land-horse, and are strong enough to crush the rider's enemies in the coils of its tail. They travel by undulating their bodies in a rapid fashion, and thus, riders of Great Serpents must either have a harness-bar (in the case of Eshal) or a harness-saddle (in the case of Snake-Riders).

Additional Information
There are only two races who have learned to tame these beasts- the Eshal, and the mysterious Snake-Riders, men from the east of Tarrod who have recently begun to raid the Eshal while riding Great Serpents.

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