In the past, relics of power were forged to bind together people and nations more securely, and with less drama and intrigue than arranged marriages and war. Such things were not uncommon, though most were smaller in scale, commonly rings, or scepters that were parts of greater sets. Thus was the notion that went into creating the six crowns of Kanyx. For generations, the land of Kanyx was long divided, with cities and sects forming alliances and coalitions that only lasted as long as it was advantageous. They fought, and sold their skill as soldiers, armorers, and builders of fortresses outside their homelands, and were left to simply watch as other nations rose in power, while their own was left in constant war.

The Crown of Moed, the Crown of Courage

The men and women of the Moed, a region of Kanyx in the foothills of the Draax mountains, are well known for their skill in battle. The men are fearsome for their style of fighting with shields and axes, clad in armor made from the hide of horrid monsters that live in the Draax. The women are equally feared, as they are skilled archers, raining down arrows with such skill as to pin shadows to the ground, and also known as dominant and aggressive lovers.

How the Mountain Folk of the Moed accepted their crown

The Crown of Courage is a rough thing, hammered out from a single piece of iron. It is simple in design, and has only the most minimal of ornamentation. This is fitting into the aesthetic and spartan ways of the Moed. The crown is set with a single fire red jewel, and it's powers are manifold.

The Powers of the Crown of Moed

The Wearer of the Crown of Moed is immune to fear, and can never fail a morale check. This creates a powerful aura around the wearer of the crown, allowing those who stand with the wearer to not feel fear.

For purposes of leadership, the wearer of the crown has their charisma/leadership score moved to maximum normal level, if it is already at that level, the crown increases their ability up to superhuman levels.

For a spellcaster, the Crown functions as a power reservoir, and spellcasting tool, allowing the wearer to to eschew the use of lesser material components in casting spells, as well as adding an increase in potency to their magics.

The Crown grants an armor class bonus, and resistance to fire, heat, and other related damage sources.

The Curses of the Crown of Moed

Arrogance and Hubris, the wearer of the Crown cannot and will not back down from a fight, or from a battle, even if it is advantageous to do so, or suicidal to continue on.

The Wearer of the Crown will become paranoid and distrusting.

The Wearer of the Crown will be frequently cold, with only spilling blood, bathing in flames and battle, or demonstrating physical or sexual prowess can soothe.

The Crown of Gekira, the Crown of Assassins

Poison, swamps, assassins, swamp folk, lizards

The Crown of Onairon, The Crown of Storms

Coast, thunderstorms, rain, rivers, flooding

The Crown of Talisu, The Crown of Tyrants

War, punishment, criminals

The Crown of Jolyx, The Crown of Hunger

The harvest, animal husbandry, farmlands, forests

The Crown of Tzos, the Crown of Wonder.

Tzos was the Crown of Optimism and innocence, wonder and beauty and was forged so that it could only be worn by a woman, and it's powers were the greatest when worn by a young virginal woman, of chaste spirit and pure heart. It's greatest power wasn't dominance over the other Crowns and those who wore them, but in tempering their powers, and granting them wisdom and guidance, and ultimately release from the heavy weight of the crowns.

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bThe Crown of Jolyx, The Crown of Hunger/b

Jolyx is the breadbasket of Kanyx: fertile plains and lush forests. The folk of Jolyx are earthy and hard-working farmers, huntsmen, trappers, and rangers. They are a practical folk, and have never took much liking to kings or tyrants, relying instead on family ties and the leadership of their village elders.

Thus it was was great surprise that Kanyx learned of Jolyx's first great leader: Eiroll the Gray, an aging herdsman who appeared one day with a simple crown and calling himself High Gerent. Eiroll's directives on how to plant and where to graze rubbed against the grain of most Jolyxians. But the few who did try it found they increased their yields, and with time Eiroll was sought for advice by everyone. On his death, the crown passed to his kinsman Kadoll, and thus the high gerentry has stayed in his line.

The Crown of Hunger is made of fine golden threads, made to look like woven wheat. Small gemstones like berries are threaded along, appearing not unlike a festive harvest crown. An elegant crown of humble bearing.

quotebPowers of the Crown of Jolyx/b

The wearer of the Crown of Hungers cannot starve or die of thirst. Her companions will not feel the pains of hunger, though starvation will still harm their bodies.

The wearer can command domesticated animals - any livestock or hunting animal - with the ease and precision of the skilled druid. Wild animals will not be obeyed, but they fear the wearer of the crown like a powerful shepherd or sheepdog.

Immunity from heat and cold is granted to the wearer, banishing frost and drought alike.

While fighting in Jolyx, the wearer will lose stamina much slower, strongly desiring to protect the farmlands.

bCurses of the Crown of Jolyx/b

Although the bearer cannot starve, they can also never be sated. The pain of hunger and dryness of mouth will haunt them as long as they wear the crown.

The finest of tongues is made sluggish by the crown, who prefers the talk of rural folk. It makes nobles and scholars sound foolish and rustic.

The wearer feels a strong draw to stay in Jolyx, and fighting ability outside of the home country is reduced./quote