Commonwealth of New England, Reflex Team 12

The Atlantic Federation has created the Reflex Battalion as a rapid response unit. The Reflex Battalion is divided into a classified number of Reflex Teams who respond to crises as needed, and each team has a general field of expertise. The most common task of Reflex Teams respond to are special individuals who have gone out of control. Tweaked out parapsychics, rogue sentient machines, cyborgs, and the like. The more dangerous jobs include responding to dimensional fatigue events, emergent cosmic horrors.


The Exterminators are a low profile infiltration team. They are not heavily armed or armored, and are light on technology. This allows them to travel from site to site without requiring extensive support or equipment. Not all DFEs and mavericks are big flashy affairs. Sometimes they are quiet events that eat a community away from the inside. These occurrences create cults, and social inversions. While it is certainly possible for a Reflex Team to shoot it's way through a contaminated community, but this is bloody messy business, and a more surgical approach can allow more people to survive, and be rescued from their situation.

This is what the Exterminators do. They walk into hostile situations, deploy their weapons and skills, and clean house.



Captain Dimitri Grossman - Captain Grossman is a face dancer and a master of both disguise and mimicry. Grossman can turn himself into almost anyone. He has high levels of diplomacy, negotiation, and other public relation skills, allowing him to not just look any part he wants but to sell it convincingly. This is backed up by a basic roster of firearms, power armor, piloting, and other skills. He is obsessed with hunting down cultists, wanna-be demigods, and the occasional horror.

Dr Jaxon Arvan - a former military arcanotechnician and engineer, Arvan was caught in a serious dimensional sheer event that destabilized his molecular structure, turning him functionally into an energy being. He gained the ability to control electronic machinery and has affected himself as a ghost in the machine type individual. He occupies a specially made light power armor sleeve (an ultralight suit with an exoskeleton rather than rigid shell) and passes himself off as an immunocompromised person confined to a bio-isolation suit. He retains his impressive intellect and ability to affect electronics. His status makes him invulnerable to damage, biological influence,

Evan Slaughter - also known as the Boogeyman, or Scarecrow, Slaughter is a mindworm capable parapsychic with extensive training by classified intelligence agencies. He functions primarily as a recon unit, specializing in mind scanning and emotional detection. When things get more serious, he can use his powers to manipulate the emotions of his targets to cause fear and panic, and his personal favorite, walking nightmares. On more than one occasion Slaughter has instigated a paranoid cult cell to turn on itself in a blood and bullet filled orgy of self destruction and murder.

Francis Meyer - codename Swarm, has a special made 'beehive' backpack on his power armor, and the helmet has a drone control system linked into it. The Beehive carries a large number of micro-drones, which have a variety of uses. The most common are scout/recon, and are hummingbird sized flying camera/microphone/relays. Meyer can use a small number to create a virtual map of an area and share it with the team easily. Other drones include explosive drones (hand grenade with wings), Stingers (hummingbirds with a chemical deployment system, sleep juice, poison, etc) Screamers (flying acoustic deterrents) Strobers (flying ultra-bright strobe lights) and custom one off drones that might be tailor made for the job at hand, like echobats for dark hunting, or bang drones with arcanotech grenades.

Francine J Frye - Frye is a synthetic parapsychic, who is specialized in electrokinesis. Her power level is not high, but it is more than enough to control the systems in an ElectroCorp Electro II series tesla suit. Frye has an unhealthy interest in cosmic horrors, victims of DFEs, victims of mutation, and non-humanoid sentient beings. The stranger the entity is, the more likely she is to show interest in it, intellectually first, and romantically further down the line.

Marcel Richards - Richards was involved in an industrial accident years ago, and as such underwent surgical and genetic therapy to repair the extensive damage. He lost most of his muscle mass and almost all of his skin in a massive thermal incident. The augmentation replaced his charred flesh with synthetic myomers, and his skin with a reflexokinetic dermis based on the material encounter suits are made of. He is largely immune to pain and reduced touch sensitivity, but enhanced strength and toughness. He is also a latent thermokinetic parapsychic and can 'shift' thermal energy around, heating or cooling things. He used this ability to save his life in the accident and now can use it to augment physical attacks, cause burns with a touch, and otherwise mess with anything temperature related.


The Exterminators are a low profile Reflex Team, and can be used as a cavalry unit, showing up to rescue a team in a bad situation without outshining them on flash and dazzle. Alternately they can be a team that has already advanced into a compromised area and need evac, or they have information, an item of importance, or a VIP that is relevant to the mission (rescue and retrieval, closing the DFE, etc). On a more insidious note, quite a few members of the Exterminators are parapsychic, which means that if there is a parapsychic active foe, there is a chance that the team can be contaminated, corrupted, or infested, and then the PC team has to deal with not just the foes in the DFE, they have a Reflex team that has gone rogue to deal with.

The Exterminators are intended to be used in the Spider City scenario, and as such, the team will have important information on who and what is behind the emergence of the Spider Infestation.

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