Often referred to (even by many of their own members) as 'The Gearsmen', the Exoteric Order of the Purposeful Gear was created by Master Liang Huou, a wizard who saw the rapidly changing landscape of Craft, and realized that no wizardly order seemed to understand what he saw as a fundamental law in the universe: The skill of craftsmen and the things they create is as much a linchpin of creation as magic itself. In their search to prove this connection, this order of wizardry has created a number of spells that allow them to interact with more complex devices.

The Order requires its members not only be trained in a practical creative skill, but that they also are talented at it. This is considered a necessity for an understanding of the connection between Craft and Magic, as important as the ability to cast spells. While there are some members who study ‘pure' sciences, the Order itself does not consider them be the equal of the skills used to make actual physical objects ... the Order does not exist to push the boundaries of knowledge, but of technique and craft.

Currently, the Gearsmen are found almost exclusively in the Kingdom, where its only major school (in the national capital) includes mundane engineers and craftsmen among its faculty as well as wizards. The order is just now beginning to expand its horizons and members are beginning to appear in major ports and trade centers. For reasons known only to themselves, the Dwarves discourage any Gearsmen presence in areas they dominate.

A number of Gearsmen are also Mages' Guild members, but the Order does not currently require it. For that matter, it is not uncommon for Gearsmen to attain membership in local trade guilds as well as the Order, and often they have both magical and mundane craft apprentices. The Order does not discriminate either racially -- they have no bar to Dwarves, as to that -- or by gender or class.

The types of wizardry Gearsmen learn run across a broad range of material creation and manipulation, animation, telekinetic, gravitic and measurement magics.

Symbol: Three interlocking gears. Until recently the symbol showed gears in a configuration that would have prevented any of them from moving; the symbol was modified in a debate that nearly brought down the Order, and some of the older members still wear the old version.

Garb: When formally attired, Gearsmen tend to wear dark grey robes with the Order's badge displayed as either embroidery or a metal pin. Higher ranking members tend to have either silver or gold gears, while apprentices are issued a pin made of iron. However, it is more common to see Gearsmen in clothing typically associated with their chosen craft, though with the gear motif worked in as decoration.

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