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March 5, 2008, 1:44 pm

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The Emerald Sea


"There be the Gates. Now look younder past the fog. Do you see it? That be The Emerald Sea."
First Mate Phyrus to Craigus Archerous
Log of a Trader, Antioch 4832

The Emerald Sea is technically a bay like the Mediterranean. It is fairly round (oblong longer than wider), ringed by a dozen or so countries on the short plains around it, themselves ringed by the Serpant Spine mountains.  The spines run down into the sea. The Gatestones, also known as The Fangs, stand sentinel on the two cliffs sides that mark the boundry between the Emerald Sea and the Greater Ocean. These tall rocky outcroppings are some of the best sight navigations on the east side of the Emerald Sea and along the Greater Ocean. 

The size of the Emerald Sea is nearly three times that of the Med. The temperatures and rainfall are much like those in and around the Mediterranean. Water is seldom a problem in the lands around the Emerald Sea, as water "slides down the serpent’s back" in countless streams and rivers, flowing into estuaries, marshes, and so on.

Unlike the Mediterranean, it is fairly shallow in most parts. This keeps it relatively warm, allowing the algae and seaweeds that give the sea its name.

SeaBamboo grows in the marshes around the coat.

A dozen or so countries/ states along the shores

Three passes in and out. Three Culture groups,
*Imperial: Think Romans that have fallen (one clings to itself as "the trues". Maybe we have Dokoren 1819
**Then tend to dam out the Marshes to make more arriable land. Thus we have dykes and ports that are a bit aways.
These people are smart and only fields are behind the dykes, towns/ cities are up higher.

*Chezeki (Warm weather russians, were horse people, now not.) They have lots of Raft Towns, as there are many rocks outside their waters.
*Doran (proto dylori 3601)
**they came here by sea. Related to Palordi.
**Responsible for the Longways and Polies, they taught others how to do this.
They own the big island in the middle of the sea. It was an imperial fort, but they have takenit over a long time ago.

Long Ways

Polies (huts/ buildings on poles)

Flats (rafts)

SeaBamboo. Grows a lot around the edges of the Sea.

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