The Doll House appears on the outside to be nothing more than a fancy doll's house, which splits open down the middle to allow children to play house with the dolls they have.

For a while, the house appears to be normal and innocuous, and children play with the doll house as children do. They place dolls inside, put them in the kitchen or the bedroom or the great room and play out scenes between the dolls.

b>Magical Properties:

After a short while, the dolls placed inside the doll house become conscious, but unable to do anything. As they are played with, they come to get used to the children playing with them, and remain happy as long as the scenes the children are playing out are simple and pleasant.

After several months of play, the dolls within the doll house come to life and begin acting out the scenes in real life. They grow to roughly human sized, and retain all of their doll-like features that they had, and begin to set about the house they are in, as if it were the doll house. Thus, if a child were to play that the doll spent much of it's time in the kitchen preparing meals, the life-size doll would do the same, puttering around in the kitchen and preparing meals.

The dolls thus awakened view the parents of the children as ultimately responsible for the activities of the children playing with them. If they are played with nicely and in a socially acceptable manner, the parents are viewed as good parents by the dolls, and they reward the parents by giving them assistance around the house as they had done inside the magic of the doll house(doing dishes, chores, cleaning, cooking, and so on), for a period of one year.

The problem comes in when this particular idea is used for nefarious purposes. If a person KNOWS the ability of the Doll House, they can twist the results in their favor, if they go to enough trouble. By carefully planning this Doll House to be gifted to a specific family, they can awaken dolls within that are angry at the parents, and who will exact their revenge upon those parents.

If a person wanted to exact revenge on a person using this Doll House, all they would have to do is have the dolls that are placed in the doll house be played with by mean and unsocialized children. These children would, of course, play at pulling heads off, burning their limbs and hair, act out scenes of death and destruction and other doll-fantasy mayhem. This would, predictably, annoy the dolls. During this 'acclimation' phase, it is important for NO ADULT to come into view of the doll house. At an opportune moment, the doll house would be gifted to the family so targetted(with the previously played with dolls still inside), and the dolls would see the parents for the first time, and assume that they are to blame for their lot in life. When the time comes to leave the doll house and size up to adult size, the dolls are going to be annoyed, but not at the children. They would exact their revenge upon the awful parents of the bastard children from hell. Oftentimes, the children are blissfully unaware that their parents have been killed, because the dolls go to great pains to ensure that the children are safe and sound, and the bodies of the parents are never found. It's possible for MONTHS to pass before anyone notices, if the family is remote enough from other civilization.

In order to attain the result, it is important for no more than a week to pass between the gifting of the doll house to the unsuspecting family and subsequent doll resizing. If too much time passes between the gifting and the resizing, the dolls will realize that the parents they have been placed with cannot be the parents of the bastard children responsible for their awful time over the past 3 months.

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