After Felenthur and Impthus was created, the Creator had grant them one wish each. But Felenthur asked for more than one. He asked the birth of others that are alike him, and an ally that would help him to win a battle over the Athlran. Apart from that, he even ask that he could make an army out of the very heart of hell itself. But to be fair, the Creator also grant the ability to make an army out of the very heart of High Heaven to Impthus, even though Impthus never asked. Wrapped in jealousy and anger, Felenthur betrayed his brother and cut out the bonds that binds them both. Thus, war raged on both side between Athlran and Lannen for thousands of years.


Felenthur, Lord of the Demons

Felenthur was the first of his kind (demon). He was revered as the father by the other demonic lord. Mostly, those who embrace the dark religion revered him as their creator, which made Impthus mad at his brother for his ego. The Spider Cults revered him as their Grand Arachnid's husband and their highest of lordship. He had a complete control over the Burning Hell, the Damned City Mriulnarth and the dark religion which consists of the Spider Cults, Necromancer Nation and the Misshapen Religion. 

By the end of their time, Felenthur was slain by Impthus. Where soon, his darkness heart was kept inside Vuderan.

Ni'Zael, Demon Prince of Slander

Ni'Zael is the second demon came after Felenthur. He was also Felenthur's most trusted warlord. Ni'Zael are revered as a God of War by most Orcish horde. But in certain region, like in Al'Kamand Desert, especially the Spider Cults, he was revered as their Grand Arachnid's second husband that rule over the deads. But mostly, his name always mentioned by those who would like to slander before they do so. 

...Ni'Zael hear my plea, you are the lord of slander, please give me all your magic words, so that I can turn them to hate one and another...

Ni'Zael was slain by Avnon at top of Mount Blaheer. His head then was piked at the peak of the mountain so that the other demonic lords can see it.

Tyrziil, Demon Prince of Chastisement

After Ni'Zael, Tyrzill came. He is widely known as the Demonic Prince of Chastisement. Those who like to torture their victims, especially the Spider Cults revered him as the lord of torturing. He even made his appearence once, to torture all those slave and prisoners. Necromancer Nation revered him as their God of Death.

Tyrziil, was slain by Avnon and Pivon in front of Sumaya inside her temple at Al'Kamand Desert.

Ys'Synid, Demon Princess of Nightmare

After Tyrziil took shape, Ys'Synid, first, of the Demonic Princess took shape. She was entirely revered as the queen of bad dreams by whole of those who embrace the dark religion. Bad dreams is the other way around for those who embrace the dark religion. Bad dreams are treated as a blessing from their 'true' god.

One night, a daughter tells her mother that she had a bad dream, that one day she will turn out to be a harlot someday. And the mother told her worried daughter, that it is a good omen, and that, she should've started by now...

Most of the demonic lords took this chances to increase the number of their ally in the Living World. Her life ends when Avnon slain her in her own chamber. Her head was piked high in front of Felenthur. Her demonic wings is made as a trophy by Pivon and Rigkir.

Bsuma, Demon Princess of Seduction

Bsuma came after Ys'Sinid took shape. She was mostly revered as a queen of prostitution by whole harlots. Necromancer Nation, revered her as the goddess of love, especially the ArchLords of the nation. In Mriulnarth, her chamber was filled with hundreds of succubus.

Bsuma was slain by Pivon and Fendrel, before she could even speak out her last word, Avnon chop down her head and lift it up, so that Felenthur could see.

Rs'Frael, Demon Prince of Seduction

Rs'Frael is Bsuma's twins. Most of the Spider Cultists revered him as a young handsome man. In the other hand, the women who had become the Arachnid revered him as a man that will gave them an offspring. The Misshapen, revered him as their king and high god. Inside his chamber was filled with hundreds of incubus.

Rs'Frael was nearly slain by Fendrel I, when he tried to seduce Eymra. Just before he was about to escape, Avnon stab him in the back. 

Nobaelnus, Demon Prince of Plague

Nobaelnus is the demon prince of Plague. He always joins every battle in order to spread a thousands of plague on the Living World. His, ability to spread any kinds of plague is feared by everyone. Even the cultists themselves. The Misshapen, revered him as the God of Tortured Death. Necromancer wouldn't even dare to say his name, in fact, they considered his name as a word that brought damnation. The Spider Religion somehow, really co-op well with plagues, and thus, they revered him as the God of Labour.

Nobaelnus, is one of the two demon that joins Avnon and Pivon on their mighty ranks. His betrayal to Felenthur were told in one of Tidas books titled The Two Demon that Holds the Light.

...He, that are named Nobaelnus, kneel down before the Creator, and he started to pledge his loyalty again to the Creator and promised to cleanse and purify his dark heart with the ray of light. But, the Creator cannot change for what he had already become, instead, the Creator told him to meet those who with the purest heart of light. Thus, he travelled to Emeanor and meet Impthus. Once again, Impthus told him to decent down to the Living World and asked him to meet those who are sincere enough to walk the straight path.

Blaheer, Demon Prince of Sacrilege

Blaheer took shaped 4 years after Nobaelnus. He was known as the Demonic Prince of Sacrilege. Since sacrilege is well respected by those who favor the demons, he was revered as the God of Fortune for all those who embrace the dark religions. But, Blaheer is different from his brothers and sisters. He never get proud by those who had favored him, instead, to his own opinion, these people are an idiot. He never looked upon himself as a god, but in fact, a mere creature that is easily defeated by those who are mighty (the Creator). He never contribute much on demonic activities. In short, he is a demon that is considered not fully evil.

Blaheer, is one of the two demon that joins Avnon and Pivon on their mighty ranks. Avnon wrote on his journal;

...This demon, that call himself, as Blaheer. Kneel down before me and my brother, and vowed to join us in our ranks. At first, I thought this must've be a treachery or somewhat an old lame demonic tricks! But, he show promises. By the time Zephyna was nearly killed by an infernal demon, Blaheer jump in front of her and tried his best to help her. To my surprise, he even stand beside me and my brother, to protect us. To be honest I am astonished. There is one moment, where I ask him to prove his loyalty and sincerity to the path of truth, and he stated that he join me and my brother, so that he could atone for his sins in front of the Creator and to vanquish his sisters and brothers who had commited thousands of bad things.

He even had a memorial site, which is the Mount Blaheer that is located to the north of Ashantar City, where he had vowed to stand together with Avnon and Pivon on their ranks. 

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