Gundam SEED

Kira Yamato

Cyrus Arizona - ace mecha pilot, genetic augment with emphasis on mental skills and reflexes, part of the PRC Coordinator program. Anglo-Nipponese race, introvert, combat savant. notable for purple eyes, a common trait in Coalition/coordinator augments. Pilots a Phoenix Hawk Mk.3 with the Emerald Eagles squadron

Lacus Clyne

Lacuna Klein - entertainer and celebrity, social augments include appearance, rose colored hair, tailored pheromones, augmented sight. Excels at music, public speaking, dance, and social performance. Pacifist by nature, but a natural leader. Normally attached to the PCS Serenity (a consulate cruiser) or the IJN Yamato (Yamato class battlestar)

Cagalli Yula Athha

Julia Athena Cavalli - up and coming member of the military/political scion family, tasked with earning military honors before entering civilian leadership sector. Fiery, hot headed, aggressive, and willing to meet violence with superior violence. Still intelligent but by preference, direct. Native born spacer, lives on a space hab, and currently switches between serving as the first officer of a Coalition destroyer (typically the PCS Valentine, a guided missile and laser destroyer) and piloting a Shadow Hawk (PPC variant)

Flay Allster

Felecia McCallister - an anti-genist, opposed to human genetic augmentation and later on, even genetic screening and therapy. Non-military, CogNet celebrity enjoying a degree of popularity among religious, luddite, and antigen groups.

Murrue Ramius

Meryl Ramirez - latino-anglo captain in the Coalition space navy, started as a support fleet officer but ended up with a field promotion after her ship, the PCS Sunchaser, was heavily damaged and most of the bridge crew was killed. Ramirez took command, saved the ship, and disabled the attacking ship long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Currently the captain of the PCS San Andreas, a space marine assault ship (Union pattern, 12 mecha, armor, fire support). Expected to be promoted to command of the PCS Archangel (Overlord pattern, 36 mecha, armor, heavy fire support)

Mu La Flaga/Neo Roanoke

Maurice Lee Flagg (M. Lee Flagg) - ace Federation mecha pilot, with extensive training and experience in the Wolverine main battlemech, and later upgraded to the Griffin MBM. After the Yzak incident, Flagg served as a mercenary for the PCS aboard the San Andreas where he piloted a Shadow Hawk mecha before being being shot down and killed in action.

Neal Roanoke - PCS clone of Flagg, but with genetic and cybernetic enhancements to make him a superior pilot. Retains fragments of Flagg's memories as his engram was created with data from both Flagg's cerebral scans and data taken from his cortical stack and RAM banks from the wreckage of his Shadow Hawk. Working for the Anunnaki, Roanoke pilots a black ops Raijin mecha. Fast, virtually invisible, and packing a powerful punch with PPCs and lasers, Roanoke is a force to be reckoned with. When he isn't falling apart between therapy and cognitive resets, that is.

Rau Le Crueset

Paul le Crueset - An Anunnaki deep plant, Paul is a genetically engineered ubermensch with a nihilistic omnicidal personality coupled with charisma, charm, and tactical skill. A high ranking member of the PCS navy, le Crueset commands a Union pattern assault ship, typically with the support of one or two other ships (typically non-mecha carrying gunships) and pilots a heavy Dragon mecha. This mech is heavily modified and has a space upgrade, giving it a pair of A-pods for zero grav movement, and replaces the cannon with a PPC. Finally, the mech mounts a drone control system, letting it use up to six 'Kame' type gun drones (Kame drones are 15 tons, fast, and carry a pair a medium lasers)

Natarle Badgeruel

Natalie Badgerow - a Menton fleet officer, Natalie is augmented for using logic and reason while having her emotional quantity lowered. To her peers she is cold and formal, often lacking creativity and imagination, but as being as clever and dangerous as any computer opponent. She is currently the captain of the Federation cruiser Dominion, where she has earned a number of commendations for service under fire.

Gilbert Durandahl

Gilbert Duran - a gifted parapsychic (emotion manipulator) Duran is a natural born leader and mastermind. He is a high ranking cabinet member of the Coalition government, with influence over the military, corporations, and the tech sector. He is a consumate womanizer, Machiavellian politician, and works as a power behind the throne, using puppets to do what he wants. A member of the Anunnaki, Duran wants to see the decimation of the global population and a general breaking of the world to force the remnant of humanity to abandon it's fascination with Earth and explode out into space. He is a progeneticist and considered antigen factions, naturals, and freeborns to be obsolete and antiquated humanity.

Talia Gladys

Admiral Talia Gladstone - coming from a long time British military family, it is little surprise that Gladstone rose to high ranks in the Federated armed forced. Her experience is limited, her leadership is overly reliant on others, and her position has come from outside influence (most notably Gilbert Duran). Gladstone is currently in command of the Federation 2nd Fleet (Near Earth Space Supremacy) group, and captain of the AFS Odyssey (Federation class battlestar, 108 mecha, 36 aerospace, heavy guns). Her success is highly reliant on the other captains of the 2nd fleet, and the operation of the mecha squadrons on her ship, including the elite Phantom Angels squadron (black ops, Neal Roanoke command)

Andrew Waltfeld & Aisha

General Andrew Wittman and Aida - the Desert Tiger, Wittman commanded the Federation Afrika Korps. He is a tall lean German and has a strong and confident air of authority. He pilots a command variant Scorpion mecha which is destroyed out from under him, costing him his arm, leg, and an eye. He is later retrofit with cybernetics and a new Scorpion II mech where he resumes work as a military strategist. His LAI companion Aida barely survived the destruction of the first Scorpion. She appears as a lolita style hologram and is utterly devoted to Wittman.

Lord Djibril

Gabriel (Gawb-Ri-El) - Anunnaki leader, old school faction that favors war and profiteering over re-inventing humanity. Rival to Duran, and shadow manipulator. Power comes from contacts and resources owed to him, rather than any innate ability. With a call, he can start a war, launch an entire fleet, or level a city.

Meer Campbell

Meredith Campbell - altered to be a doppleganger of Lacuna Klein, Campbell is a face-dancer. As such she is an almost perfect simulacra of Klein, to the point of having personality chips modeled off of Klein inserted into her brain. Campbell struggles with borderline personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, and struggles to remember who she actually is. Like Neal Roanoke, she requires regular psychotherapy to remain functional, and has a number of handlers aware of this. She is a more sex objectified and pro-propaganda version of Lacuna.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Asuka Langley Soryu

Ashley Lang is a high ranking Federation mecha pilot, with an impressive combat record. She favors brute force and bull rush tactics and mecha that are notable for speed and ability to engage in close quarters combat. She has an aggressive personality and is personally defensive, not allowing others to get close to her. Her specialty is responding to dimensional fatigue events, and volunteers for these risky missions, relishing the thought of going into CQC with kaiju and wiping out bug swarms.

Rei Ayanami

Renee Ryan is a nearly emotionless expressionless young woman. Her hair and eyes are an unusual color, denoting her status as a clone. She was cloned from a remarkable mecha pilot, and retains those skills, but does so through a mountain of negative self worth, knowing that she is completely and totally expendable. She follows orders meticulously, and cares very much for the survival of her fellow pilots. Ryan is currently attached to Lang's rapid response company, where she provides fire support for stopping cosmic horrors. She fully expects to die a horrific death, but thus far has survived.

Shinji Icarus

Arthur Icarus, son of Jameson Icarus, is a mech commander who was raised as an artist and had the misfortune of being the son of a leading military contractor. At the behest of his father, Arthur entered the Federation mech corps and has risen to a high level of proficiency despite strongly disliking the entire profession. He has a respectful and love/hate emotional relationship with Ashley Lang, but is regularly attending a psychologist to help cope with the stresses of piloting a mecha and fighting cosmic horrors. He is precise and skilled as a pilot, but ultimately abhors violence. While facing DFE is innately horrific and violent, he finds it much easier to throw his multi-ton war machine in the face of an alien god than to go toe to toe with another human pilot.

Misato Katsuragi

Abbey Hightower is a non-combatant mech commander, relaying commands and information from a command center to pilots operating in the field. She is cool under pressure, and the only thing more important than the mission are the lives of her pilots. She is expected to become a general eventually, commanding entire armies, but currently is a DFE containment specialist. She commands SPC-01 group, a company of anti-horror mecha lead by Lang. She is not a pilot, and handles missions from the CIC of the Union pattern AFS Lillith or from a land base near the DFE. She is openly Christian.

Gendo Icarus

Jameson Icarus is a military intelligence researcher and engineer, a leader in mecha design and technology. This is one of the reasons that he is deeply involved with DFE containment, as these events allow him to gain access to alien samples, biology, and technology. He has recruited his estranged son into SPC-01 for personal reasons. Jameson is a member of the Anunnaki, and answers to the inner circle, and is involved in their program to capture teratomorphs and domesticate them, ultimately using mechakaiju to replace mecha on the battlefield and destroying anyone foolish enough to challenge them. He is fascinated by the concept of kaiju contamination and believes that the titans are divine in nature and to merge with one is to become a god one's self.

Ritsuko Akagi

Lita Redstone is a computer technician and statistician attached to SCP-01 at the behest of Jameson Icarus. She is best known for her work on organic modeling of AI and AISC mainframes, and has been tapped to handle the unit's computer systems. This is a superficial role, as her real role is to work on tech integration with teratomorph biology, specifically computer control systems and pilot integration. She is a member of the Anunnaki, but in a jaded nihilistic fashion. She sees the Anunnaki's goals as a way of punishing a world that has taken her mother, her children, and shown that she is just something to be used and discarded.

Ryoji Kaji

Richard Kindle is a military intelligence officer and aerospace pilot. He appears as a superficial young man more interested in skirt chasing and music than anything serious. He is a skilled shadowrunner and works for Sigma Blue investigating SCP-01. He is tasked with finding what is going on with the organization, with it's surprising budget, special permissions, and the presence of Jameson Icarus, formerly known as a Jameson Reddington. To this end he funnels information and rare stolen samples back to Sigma Blue, typically by commandeering a jet or helocraft and flying away from the current SPC base. He has been working on seducing Lt. Col. Hightower.

15 Comic Book Characters too Weird for the Movies

Egg Fu

Kanighter is technically an abomination, but a very useful one. The entity known as Kanighter started as a Downington Sphere that had successfully snagged an alien energy pattern, and returned to Earth. The re-entry pattern was faulty and the sphere crash landed in the South China Sea where it was recovered by the ACPS. Unable to crack the encryption on the device, the ACPS intelligence agency brought in a team of technomancers, including the freelancer Richard Kanighter. In attempting to hack the sphere, the creature trapped inside lashed out and drew Kanighter into the sphere, causing a fusion of all three. The mind of Kanighter was fused with the fragment of an outer god, and a metal shell, creating the new being. Kanighter is viciously evil, deeply demented, and if given half a chance, would gladly and gleefully annihilate the entire human race, snuff out the Sun, and pull the plug on the Universe. The Emperor has seen fit to have Kanighter placed in deep hibernation in the Ulan Batar facility known as Pusu Leng, or Cold Plains.


The entity known as Dex-Starr started life as a genetically engineered jaguar, augmented with human level intelligence and problem solving skills, part of a clandestine endeavor known as Project Dolittle. The research unit housing Dex-Starr was located on Phobos when the Hellmouth DFE occured. Dex-Starr was inhabited by a dimensional energy being, and began to demonstrate parapsychic powers. Dex-Starr has demonstrated pyrokinesis and biokinesis, using a fusion of these two skills to projectile vomit fire-bile at things that anger it. The entity has escaped capture, and is suspected of living in a martian geofront.


Bat-Mite is a VERY POPULAR boppet licensed and sold in the Federation and PRC. The toy robot looks like a child version of the mythical Bat-Man character of American mythology. He encourages kids to follow the rules, do what they are told, and to help him fight the bad guys. The boppet syncs to the Batman channel, free of charge.


The entity known as Starro is a category 2 teratomorph. It manifests as a starfish shaped monster that when standing on two arms, is a towering 40 meters tall. Despite it's massive size, Starro type teratomorphs mainly smash about, cannot manifest any sort of energy attack, nor do they have any defenses beyond normal organic resiliency. The most dangerous part about a starro manifestation are the mangnaspawn who are capable of swarming through enclosed spaces and routinely demonstrate mind control abilities. Starro meat is commonly harvested and minced into cheap faux fish products.


Barnell Bohusk was just a kid who ended up on the end of a bad gene-mod. After idolizing avians, he saved enough money for a back-alley Avian biomod and he took it. It wasn't tailored for his genome, and the coding was done cheaply and on the fly, using chopped up bits of other mod codes. The end result was that Bohusk was basically horrifically mutated into a tragic fusion of man and bird, failing to be either. He lived for a few years, unable to garner enough funding or support to reverse the augmentation, and eventually committed suicide to end his suffering. After his death, he became a figure for Gene-Modding Regulation.

Strong Guy

aka Guido Carosella, is a popular figure in the Jersey Cultural Zone. He is a typical beachfront guy, who spends his time attempting to have as much sex as possible, while getting himself into the most comical situations as believably will allow. The original character was based off of a man of the same name who underwent the Claremont Biomodification to make himself as large and muscularly masculine as possible, and ended up making himself look buffoonish and enormous. He was very strong, but contrary to the popular trope of being narcissistic and shallow, Carosella was just a biomod enthusiast, and was considered to be an exemplary fellow. The Strong Guy derived from him has almost nothing to do with him, other than his name and likeness. Carosella has long since retired to a life of comfort in the Caribbean league, where he is free of local fame.

The Orb

Life can interesting for a person who has a massive eyeball in place of a head. The Orb was the sole survivor of a DFE, and one of the side effects of the event was that their right eye consumed all of the matter of their head, and replaced all of it with eye. How the Orb is still alive no one knows as the being technically doesn't have a brain, mouth, nose, and cannot hear, eat, drink, or breath. The Orb communicates through writing and sign language. Orb has repeatedly requested euthanasia, but remains in covert custody as scientists are still trying to figure out how it/he is still alive. Orb demonstrates exceptional vision, and has demonstrated the ability to 'see' infrared, radio, and even aphasic energy patterns, aka auras.

The Maxx

Samuel Keith was a regular guy until he was sucked into a Dimensional Fatigue event. On the other side, he was barfed out into a different reality, one where he is drastically deformed, with hulking muscles and his face has been fixed with a permanent rictus. He is deeply deranged, and fights bestiaries of strange monsters, dreams of his long vanished life and fiance, and is something akin to a mad demigod in this new reality. Sometimes he shifts back to the real world, where for some reason, no one notices his horrific appearance or massive strength, but he lives as a life of squalor and poverty. Keith no longer remembers what is real, what is a dream, and what is his crippling insanity.


Designer pets are all the rage. Dogs and cats are so 20th century. Genimals started as replicas of extinct species and endangered species. After that, it was only a small step to start creating entirely new species. Lockheed is a very expensive personal dragon, or dragonette. At just under a meter long, and massing 8 kilos, it can fly short distances, and can talk in a basic fashion. The creature doesn't actually have the high level intelligence required for witty conversation, rather it has a CogLink in it 's head, and augmented intelligence that allows it to act on it's data feed. Pet dragons are very popular, but given their high price tag, they are the playthings of celebrities and the wealthy, and the number of Lockheed model dragonettes produced for media franchises is actually larger than the number created for private ownership.

Doctor Bong

Doctor Bong is a popular character in the Republic of California, where he is a hero of the Cannabis culture. Serialized in 'Stoner Feeds' where the SimSense viewer gets and electronic high (simulating the euphoric high state) Doctor Bong spends his days getting high, and duking it out with the enemies of Chill and the opponents of recreational pharmaceuticals. He is a heroic 'Everyman' who gains magical powers from taking hits from his Mystic Space Bong, including flight, intangibility, hyperwisdom, mind and emotion control, and the ability to conjure and banish material objects.

Super Zombies

The zombie genre didn't go away in the Cosmic Era, but rather it became more frightening. In the Cosmic Era there are super soldier, giants, parapsychics, cyborgs, and more that simply didn't exist in the heyday of Petroleum Era entertainment. The Super Zombie genre taps into the theme of Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, and the secret project unleashes death, the undead, and nihilism on the world, with not just the classic shuffling and shambling undead, and more than the the running zombie, but corpses lusting to feast on the flesh of the living, but still retaining superhuman abilities. It remains an underground genre, as it is rooted in the justifiable fear of arcanotechnology.

Big Wheel

Jackson Weele was a geofront tinkerer who tired of the constant abuse heaped on him and other clocksmiths who lived in the geofronts. Rather than take the abuse, or the predictable building of a horde of fighting bots, Weele built a robot 'wheel suit' that was somewhere between patchwork mobile armor, and a robot that he could drive. The Big Wheel made an appearance at several underground gathering, where he was able to disrupt the goings on and scatter the chinpira and made men of the geofronts. He thought that has was going to succeed but underestimated his foes. Big Wheel met his end on the business end of a Chinpira assassination squad who gunned him down in his apartment. His robotic 'wheel suit' was destroyed, but not before he pumped the schematics across the gray band CogNet.


The entity known as Mojo is one of the most successful and wealthy entertainment franchise creators in the Cosmic Era. Barely recognizable as human anymore, Mojo is the studio exec of studio execs, and lives in a life support unit. It's body is massive, 3 meters long and close to 400 kilograms in weight. Mojo's brain is directly wired into the CogNet, where it creates streams of new code that are administered and handled by cadres of professional programmers and synthetic intelligences. It is demanding, petulant, acts like a spoiled child and a primadonna all at once. To keep itself sated, Mojo has multiple sets of pubic nerves terminating in male, female, and entirely new sexual pleasure organs, as well as a massive tolerance to and dependence on narcotic substances. Mojo is remorseless and thrives on the most base and vile programming, but it's handlers clear the chaff from the wheat, creating the trope sitcoms and reality series that have made Mojo and it's host hypercorp wealthy.



Lamest Characters from Mortal Kombat


An Amero-Nipponese professional wrester, Kintaro has undergone a modified version of the Clairemont Biomod, a basic Tiger neko augmentation, and the dramatic addition of two additional arms as well as the associated nerve clusters to use them. In the professional fighter ring, Kintaro has demonstrated himself a master of grappling, submission holds, and the progenitor of the now infamous Double Nelson Hold (a full Nelson hold, but only deliverable by a person for 4 arms). Despite having excellent performance in the ring, Kintaro has not yet managed to win a World Title or Championship. In continental matches, he is among the strongest opponents, but in the International Tournaments, he is known as the Paper Tiger. While strong and fast, his move set is based entirely off of biological and muscular strength. He is simply not in the same category as the parapsychic and cybernetic fighters.


Nominally a monk from the Chinese White Lotus Society, Shujinko spent years learning the basics of Chi combat, aka parapsychic hand to hand. He is not terribly good at it, and took more to the path of the mystic despite the desire to be a great warrior. His skill was greatly increased after coming in contact with an entity he believed to be benevolent. After teaching Shujinko it's own application of chi arts, he discovered that the entity, the Onaga, was actually a demon (or negative extradimensional entity) that was more interested in spreading harm that good. It intended for Shujinko to create a dojo of his own, and then to expand it out to where it would rival the White Lotus society, or even more maliciously, rival the Lin Keui ninja clan. The wayward monk has fled his old home and now travels as an mendicant and does good works trying to atone for his deal with Onaga, using the entity's power and training against it.


A product of the McDojo craze, Kobra has learned the anglicized version of martial arts (most of the fighting, none of the philosophy) and modernized Compact Form Martial Arts (CFMA) that reduce a martial art down into a handful of moves and stances. This is the sort of fighting taught at McDojos like Kobra Kai, one of the leading franchise gyms. Given the preponderance of blond headed anglo-americans who attend such gyms, they have been pushed into a single stereotype, and are all Kobras. Kobras know a few kicks and strikes, and a few basic blocks. Other than this, they are easily beaten by actual martial arts students, but they are typically able to dominate people not trained in martial arts. Kobras are frequently street thugs, bullies, and 'tough guys' who like to indulge in a bit of violence for sport.

Related: Dan Hibiki - celebrity McDojo Franchiser, smiles and throws the big thumbs up and fights passably well in demonstration tournaments. He is more celebrity that sensei, and most of his fights are rigorously choreographed. He has a background in entertainment media, and used this to leverage his McDojo franchise, Dan Hibiki Dojos


The entity known as Blaze was formerly a card carrying Wage Slave who was caught up in a Dimensional reactor explosion in Central America. The hapless individual instead of being killed was imbued with a massive amount of cosmic power, and neither the training nor the willpower to control it. Blaze staggered around for hours after the event under full parapsychic burn. His body (or her body, their identity is unknown) has been converted to condensed plasma and is in a constant state of flux. They are literally made of compressed fire held together by the parapsychic conduit and the soul of technician, engineer, or possibly janitor who was among those killed in the blast. Blaze has no fighting skill, is highly disoriented, and governed more by animalistic impulses than reason. The being was beaten and captured after being driven into the plasma bottle of a damaged fusion reactor. Blaze is currently incarcerated on Mercury. The being is confined inside a fusion vessel and being tapped for energy production.


The abomination that is Meat was formerly a worker at the San Alamos Laboratory, where she was a computer engineer and systems administrator. She was involved in a DFE that unleashed a swarm of flesh eating meta-mollusks and almost died. Why she is still alive is a mystery, but Meat has had her skin, most of her organs, and roughly half of her muscle mass eaten away by the creatures, but remains alive. Her body has proven resistant to medical treatment, but in a state of constant pain, and an adrenal induced fight or flight mode. Attempts to communicate with Meat have failed, and it is assumed that there is simply nothing left inside her head but howling insanity from having been partially consumed alive.


Motaro is among the most heavily modified soldiers in the EuroZone armed forces.

Really Strong Seeming Superheroes who are Really Chump Change

1. War Machine

War Machine is a guy in a high end power armor suit festooned with mundane weapons. While able to match Iron Man in armor and mobility, War Machine eschews the repulsor blasters and instead uses mundane hardware. In the CE, War Machine is a guy in a power armor suit using retro-tech weapons. As energy weapons are higher maintenance than conventional firearms, War Machine is closer to a wastelander warlord decked out in guns because half of his gear can't be fixed, or has depleted power cells.

2. Doorman

Caught up in a teleportation test failure, the Doorman is able to create short range gates, using his own body as the gateway. While useful, this power is severely limited by the fact that the longer the distance of the gate, the greater the strain is on him. More than a few feet gated is enough to knock him unconscious, and a gate that is more than a few dozen feet would easily kill him. Teleportation doesn't come cheap.

3. Dazzler

Dazzler is the code name given to a high chaotic parapsychic caught in a permanent burn state. Formerly a musician and performance artist, she has turned into a human sized psionic emitter. She generates pulsing waves of energy that can only be codified in arcanotech terms.

Thermal lances - deals damage as is exposed to a cutting torch of thermal lance

Corrosive lances - major acid damage

Electric lance - subjected to high tension power line electrical current

Radioactive lance - exposed to lethal radiation, plus thermal burns

Transmogrification lance - randomly turned into another material, carbon is frequently changed to silicon, ala petrification

Mind Control/Insanity lance - deals sanity damage, cue loud classical music, and the Ludovico technique. Bezoomy!!!

Teleportation lance - punched through the angles of space, unless protected by a magnetic field, object is thrown 1D100 decameters away. Google that shit bitches. Use artillery scatter chart for direction.

4. Mr Immortal

Immortality isn't all that keen for the self proclaimed Mr Immortal. Despite his best efforts, and after almost 2 centuries, he is still alive, and physiologically 23 years old. One of the earliest victims of a DFE, Mr Immortal has undergone countless tests and examinations to discover the means of his immortality. For the first few decades it was amusing, that he could survive being killed over and over. After the first century, the novelty had worn off, everyone he knew growing up was dead, he was still 23, and he had experienced things as horrible as being eaten alive, incineration, and even being splattered after a six mile free fall from orbit. After 15 decades, Mr Immortal became suicidal, and has been dismembered as per his wishes, and left in a catatonic state.