FOUNDED: fifty years ago

GOAL: Protect the surface world from deep earth foes

METHODS: This group accomplishes its goals by taking the

fight to the underdark; they seek to neutralize threats to

the surface world, before they ever reach the surface


HISTORY: Sixty years ago a kingdom was suffering from a series of

raids from a group of drow elves. The elves maintained a

strong hold in a dungeon near civilized lands. In the dark

they would attack villages and either kidnap (enslave) or

slay anyone in the village. They would then raze the

village and flee back into their lair. The ruler of this

country sent an army of 1000 soldiers to attack and kill

the wicked drow. The troops attacked the drow strong hold

and then pursued the fleeing drow deeper into the earth.

That is all that anybody heard from the soldiers in ten

years. In 1965 the survivors of this army returned to the

surface world. There were only 50 soldiers left. They were

led by Sierl "Dark Sword" Wyrgon (F12). When the army had

entered the underdark, Sierl was a young fighter (18 years,

level 2). The survivors told of brutal sneak attacks in

which the fighters were forced to battle opponents that

they couldn't see. The first battle against the Drow was

devastating for the humans. The first thing the Drow did

was douse the humans light sources with magic. The battle

was swift and brutal with the human army destroyed. Very

few survived the brutal battle, and those that did were

scattered to survive as best they could. Sierl found

himself in an isolated cavern with about 100 other

survivors. Over the next several years the survivors

attempted to escape to the surface world, but all such

attempts failed. Finally, Sierl found himself to be elected

leader of the meager 50 that were left alive. Sierl had

warned the previous leaders about attempting to make a

blind attempt at escape, and the remaining survivors

realize that he had been right all along in his advice.

Sierl first managed to befriend a small tribe of deep

gnomes (he had known about them earlier, but the previous

leaders refused to trust them). The deep gnomes taught the

humans how to fight in the dark and other deepearth

survival skills. It is by using these new found skills that

Sierl was able to finally lead them back to the surface

world. When the survivors returned, Sierl was brought

before the king. Sierl gave the king the grim news about

his army, but also gave the king hope. Sierl proposed

creating a specially trained knighthood that would serve as

the kingdoms first line of defense against future invasions

from the underdark. Sierl created the Black Daggers. The

members of the Black Daggers must sever all ties to the

surface world, and stage their own death (in order to

protect their families for Deepearth assassins). After that

was accomplished, the new recruit was given intensive

training on how to fight and survive in the underdark.

Later on, the group gained chapters in several other areas

vulnerable to attack from the underdark. This group is very

secretive to protect the members and their friends and

families. They are very dedicated to each other, and will

usually risk their life to rescue a captured comrade. This

society has also forged alliances with several good and

neutral aligned races in the underdark.

LEADERSHIP: Sierl "Dark sword" Wyrgon (F12)

MEMBERS: currently about 1000 spread out over 20 different


BASE: Various small deepearth bases, main base is still run

by Sierl, and is located near the original kingdom.

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