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Kit bags tend to vary in appearance, on the surface; ranging from rude sacks of burlap slung over an engineer's shoulder all the way up to elegantly designed cases of polished metal with multiple sliding drawers and a carrying handle, these are nevertheless the very heart of the engineer's trade in Kuramen. A given kit will invariably contain all the basic tools of thaumatechnology, including pieces of chalk, small spools of wire made from copper, silver, and gold, levels and measured lengths of string, and dozens of other oddments that seem bizarre and outlandish to those not familiar with the trade. A given kit is also likely to contain a handful of personal 'widgets' designed by the engineer who carries it, often little more than small runes or perhaps a script to help enhance his particular field of expertise, or ensure the kit's safety, or any of a hundred other things.


Almost as long as goblin thaumatechnology has been around, there have been kit bags for the engineers. It is, after all, far simpler to carry the common tools around than it is to have to go and fetch what you need, particularly if you're trying to deal with a runaway thaumaturgic process that will most likely explode and leave a terrible case of fallout if you have to take the time to go retrieve things.

Each engineer carries the common tools of the trade, supplementing the basic kit bag with specialized gear for his personal range of work and the occasional widget or ten of his own devising; sometimes the widgets even work as intended, but more often owners of a thaumatech plant tolerate them only as good luck charms to keep up the morale of the engineers, since each such widget increase the local thaumaturgic pressure and makes a case of fallout more likely to occur.

The very prevalence of the kit bags, and the near invisibility of those carrying them around such factories, has made for a few cases of what amounts to industrial sabotage by some nefarious individuals, slipping 'widgets' into places where they won't be found until the whole factory is about to overload.

Other Notes
Among those who distrust goblin thaumatechnology, anyone carrying a kit bag tends to provoke a suspicious response at the very least, if not outright hostility. In places where thaumatechnology has taken hold, however - such as the grand city of Kuramen - these kit bags are common enough to serve as a helpful disguise for those wanting to blend in without being noticed - particularly if the individual in question happens to be a goblin.

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