Basics: Synaptic Amplifier Clips are commonly used tools for increasing receptivity and response times for cognet users. The most common application for this is enhanced biofeedback, allowing for deeper immersion experiences, where various celebrities and pornstars have their own lines of endorsed models. The military also makes use of these clips for cybersecurity ops and they are commonly issued to mecha and aerospace pilots for increased connection with the immersive control systems of their respective vehicles.

In Game: The use of a Mono-Synaptic Amplifier (single clip) offers a basic +1 modifier on all interface and reaction. The use of Stereo-Synaptic Amplifier offers a +2 modifier.

Appearance: Synaptic Amplifiers come in two models, the mono-synaptic and stereo-synaptic. The mono-synaptic unit is a single unit worn on either side of the head near the temple. There are 'left hand' and 'right hand' models, and typically look like oversized hair fascinatiors, or in more masculine forms, a temple clip with an ocular heads up lens over the eye. The stereo-synaptic unit comes as a pair, each unit resting near the temples, and typically look like hair accessories.

Tech: The synaptic amplifier is technologically similar to the the SQUIDband, using quantum circuits and pick ups to increase sensitivity and connectivity between an organic brain and a wireless Cognet system.

You've never experienced a porn-sim until you've done it with a snapper. It looks goofy, sure, but no one can see you wearing it. The biofeedback is incredible man. I tell you, using a snapper is like juicing up with neuro-stim or a Chrome Speeder shot, without spending the 13 credit points for one, or the aftertaste. I tell you, there's this angel based orgasmotron and I sereriously blacked out twice before the program ended.

The military issues A10s to newbie pilots, it helps the rookie pilots get a better feel for the machines they are piloting. Eventually, the pilots are expected to discard the A10s, like discarding training wheels on a bicycle. The weaker pilots keep the clips, not really getting the notion that in actual combat the clips will increase feedback from hits. Clipper pilots are flinchers and jumpers, because the clips make it feel like the rounds are actually hitting them, instead of a multi-ton war machine. Freaking noobs.

The clips are a fashion choice, it's how we tell ourselves from the B-deck baishunpus. We all wear the bright red Langley A10s, it makes the petting salons even better, plus we can tell the uses from the thems.

Usage: Synaptic amplifiers are basic equipment in the Cosmic era and are associated with training equipment, or tech specialists.

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