Summoned Through Time and Space: The Spells

The summon spells of The Stolen World


Unlike the summons spells commonly found on many planes, these spells of The Stolen World summon creatures from across time and space. In fact due to The Wake or the nature of magic, it is only possible to summon creatures from long ago and far away. Yet another mystery surrounding this strange planet

Here is the System




Riffians are thought to be the enforcers of some long forgotten Thieve's Guild. They have below normal armor and difficulty to be hit, but make up for it with there above average stealth ability and do extra damage from behind. They will take one full round to get up the courage to attack something from the front with their 2 handed club, but have no problem attacking from the rear.

Devilthorn Fox


Below average armor is made up with double human speed.They are implacable foes of demons, devils and Others, and will attack them with berserk fury. Sage's think they might be Crazy Ones (remnants of the power of the dead gods), but since they lack the tell tale blue glow, this is unlikely

Elvish Handservant


This tiny relative of the Fey makes a remarkable aid, despite the fact you will not be able to talk to it. At one foot tall, it is capable of understanding and performing complex tasks. It has no meaningful attack but is extremely hard to hit due to size and agility. They will always be laughing unless actively shushed as they go about any task a person of that size would be capable of. Lacking any extraordinary skills they are extremely smart and the summons duration is triple normal.

Rag Man


This creepy undead creature is almost the exact average of a first order summons, with all combat stats the norm for that. It has standard (basic) undead traits and vulnerabilities and is only capable of melee combat.

Sigiled Starfish


The starfish has no attacks and moves only 5' a combat round but is a potent spellcasting aid. As long as it is within 10' of the caster,the caster benefits from a +2 ripple and any other magic cast is at a -1 ripple. The starfish is thought to be a mage whose magic is so alien, it defies understanding.

Lesser Deadbridge Shaman


This is a pale shadow of Greater Deadbridge Shaman, it is a bluff, an attempt to pretend you are more powerful than you are. It summons an image, a shadow of the real thing. It has one hit point and a 50% chance that any spell or attack will be ignored. Each round it pretends to cast a third order mind effecting spell that has no effect other than to make the target feel like it just made a saving throw.(the summons for 4th order version is in a sub that is forthcoming)


Walking Sponge


This creature has no attacks and should be considered naked for being hit. It is of great use against rival spellcasters. It has a 75% chance of absorbing any non area effect spell that is directed at caster of up to third order of power.. This includes beneficial magic. It also causes the caster to have a 10% spell failure chance. Immune to magic itself, it will disappear after absorbing 2-4 spells (or standard duration expires)

Indestructible Goblin


A very rare form of goblin, so rare there is a 20% chance of one not showing up as spell fizzles. In every way a sub par but typical unarmed goblin, with one huge difference, it is completely indestructible and immune to magic. In fact the only way of dealing with it is to grapple it, as it is very weak, this is not much problem. It makes a poor lab rat thou , as nothing will effect it, and magic items do not function in it's hands.

Spell Snip


While the Spell Snip is a very impressive looking extra-planer being, it is actually the average of a second order summons. Only capable of melee combat, it's primary weapon is of pure magical force (no frills though). Less strong willed individuals will however be impressed by it's fearsome look.

Black Cat


Possessing the combat stats of a first order summons, the Black Cat is actually undead with extraordinary bad luck powers. It attacks an individual by curling around it's feet and causing to roll twice for to hit and take the lesser roll, it does not have any other attack. Any spellcaster it is sicked on has a 25% spellfailure chance.



The above image is just one of the many types of barbarians that can be summoned by this spell. Possessing far above average damage output and far below average armor, the summoned barbarian will only be capable of melee combat. If the barbarian is still alive at the end of combat, he will attack the being closest to him until the spells duration is complete or he is killed, he cannot be dismissed. As a result of this and the general hatred civilization has for barbarians, this spell ranges from mildly to highly illegal in all but the wildest of urban areas.

Netter en-Dal


The spellshaper attacks at range by throwing nets of force over its foes. While impressive looking, in fact they attack and do the damage of an average first order archer with a short bow. The nets of force are however capable of damaging creatures that require magic or silver to hit.They have only a minor melee attack in the form of a dagger. Interestingly, any attempts at augmenting them with white spells will have double normal effect, as they are of divine origin in some fashion.

Sickle Ripper


This half elemental, half undead hybrid creature is all for show, possessing subpar abilities all around, it is truly for scaring the locals, which it does quite well. The summons will be of double duration. Sickle Rippers have the no frills traits of both a minor undead and fire elemental. Among mages in the know, these are thought to be a failed attempt at a better than average summons, this is correct

Blood-Toll Harpy


As is typical of flyers, the harpy is treated as one level lower in all regards. It also possesses a minor fascination type call, a failed saving throw results in a single target unable to act and forcing them to walk toward harpy helplessly.


Swift Elite


This female warrior has all abilities of a first order warrior , with the following exceptions. They are armored in full plate and shield but have a movement one step better. They also granted exceptional saves, but duration of summoning is 1/2 normal. So why the hell would you summon one? The summon spell may be cast as an instant spell at any time, especially when it is not your turn to go. The Swift Elite can only be summoned with in 3 feet of you, exactly where you want it to appear and can act immediately as it appears instantly.

Insolent Neonate


A very minor form of vampire with undead traits, that is the average for a third order summons spell. It will mock the target of it's melee attack and perform combat in a nonchalant way that does not decrease it's effectiveness. They are highly irritating, resulting in an extremely minor penalty to hit on their target.if it is of average intelligence or above.



This giant mosquito is the proof that there are no hard and fast rules for summons spells, unlike most flyers, this man sized bug is in all ways a third level summons other than it's pitiful armor type.



This undead spirit attempts to grapple it's target, if it succeeds, it does automatic damage(of slightly below level) until destroyed. Any attacks on its below average armor , have 50% chance of hitting it's target instead.



This rat sized imp has the characteristics of a first order creature. It sits on it's caster's shoulder, granting a 25% chance that any spell cast is instantly returned to the mage's memory. It will vanish after it has retrieved 3 spells, instead of normal duration, maximum of one hour duration.

Unknown Sage


This summons is a total crap shoot. It will come equipped with 2 random first order spells and 1 random second order spell. It will cast these spells to the best of it's ability to aid in the combat it has been summoned to. This spell has a zero percent chance of turning on caster, but only a single attempt may be made to cast it with out proper memorization.




This tiny goblin is a fearsome foe of the living, in all ways but one it is treated as a second order summons. It launches itself at the throat of anything that is susceptible to critical hits, and if it hits, it hits critically.

Vu;pine Goliath


This gigantic fox is the average melee fighter summons for the fourth order. It however possess' such a keen sense of smell that it is capable of ignoring invisibility on creatures

Jawri Scuttler


The above average damage and far above average armorr of this giant crab is more than offset by it's greatly diminished speed.

Zombie Assassin


In always this creature is treated as a second order summons save for it's amazing assassin skills and undead traits.

Summit Prowler


With far below average armor, this yeti has far above average chances to hit and remarkable mountaineering and cold resistance.


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