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April 8, 2011, 7:42 pm

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Located in the northern most tip of the kingdom, it stands strong vigil over the mountain passes to the north and the sea passage to the west. Stormgarde, while a fairly good sized port, tends to be modestly populated city.

The majority of the population are fisherman, hunters, miners, and military. Fishing is a major staple in the diet as there is little suitable crop land to use for cattle as well as crops. It’s major export other than fish are the minerals and ore that are extracted from the nearby mountains.

The city itself is built between a fiord and a mountain pass offering full range of view over the Bay of Pearls and the mountain passes from their watch towers. Stormgarde was originally built as a fortified outpost to watch the northern border of Kerrabar and defend the Kingdom against any of the Corrupted that tried to swarm through the passes. Its location was ideal for a small navel port to supply the military with easier access for troop movements along the coast and to give navel support for some of the weaker coastal towns that dot the northern coastline.

Magic use is a very scarce occupation in Stormgarde as Baron Gael Boma has a certain dislike toward them. There is a very small guild house in the far side of the city that welcomes Conocha with open arms, however they stick to the shadows and alleyways whenever the Baron is in the city. Many have been known to be charged with unusual crimes to either have them removed from the city, or dealt with privately. So, to avoid all this, they tend to stay out of site.

While every so often a raiding tribe of rogue Keirn harass the outlying area, the main problem is with roving bands of corrupted. Oba`ke raids happen frequently during the winter months when food becomes scarce and competition among the groups heighten. They will come from the mountain passes in small forces and raid the homes and farms not inside the city. Occasionally, if the winter is bad enough, they will attempt to raid the city itself, but the city garrison is well manned and is rarely hard pressed for these occasional attacks. While they question everyone who come into their lands and are wary of outsiders, they will accept anyone willing to work, fight, and protect everything the Stormgarde stands for. So there are a few local Sslassti roaming the city that do not get harassed by the locals.

And while it is growing to a modest city, the nobility have seen no reason to move to its colder climate and choose to stay where it is warmer with more comforts.

In 3510A, toward the end of the Golden Age of Prosperity, the first signs of the Dark Uprising in the north were seen. A group of close to one hundred Keirn were seen rushing to the city with weapons pulled. Thinking this was an attack on the city itself, the city defense was alerted and they waited for assault. It never came however, the Keirn stopped before the city walls and requested permission to enter the city. They were blood covered and weary and had a gleam in their eyes that worried the City Guard. Before a choice could be made, a horde of Oba`ke the corrupted came from the northern passes and swarmed down on the awaiting Keirn slaughtering everyone with no remorse. Women and children fell before the city realized what was transpiring below. Archers set to work on thinning the ranks of the corrupted so the gates could be opened, and the Keirn were let in. With the help of those who would fight the Keirn and the humans were able to push back the assault of the corrupted Oba`ke. Since then Stormgarde and the local tribes have had a mutual respect and understanding of each other and their territory. The Keirn trade freely with only those in Stormgarde and Stormgarde offers shelter when in need.

Resident Ruler - Baron Gael Boma
Population - 16,518
Military - 4,755           
Calvary - 700  
City Guard - 1,198  
Navy - 942     
Militia - 800           
Civilian - 8,123        
Nobility - 53         
Commoner - 5,482
Other - 2,565   Includes travelers, miners, farmers, those who live outside the city and rogues.

Racial Demographics
Derevo   - 3%
Gison       - 15%
Human    - 62%
Keirn    - 12%
Lemiean   - 1%
Olwynn   - 6%
Sslassti    - 1%

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Voted MoonHunter
November 5, 2005, 14:55
Two Paws

This is a Hewdamia post that does not require you to be familiar with it to get the giest of the post.
Voted valadaar
February 2, 2007, 15:47
Good solid location but is there anything particually unique about the city apart from its location?



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