What is a Steelfeaster?

The Steelfeaster is a thankfully rare type of mindless undead abomination that cares not about blood, brain or flesh. It east metal. It is a horrible stunted humanoid with a large mouth full of broad, flat, brown teeth surrounded by a growth of matted reddish-orange hair. It has two beady eyes set deep within their sockets and overshadowed by a protruding forehead covered in the same hair as found around the mouth. They have two strong arms, and hands with five fingers; the fingers each ending is long nail-like protrusions. Its stunted midsection, and hunched back and shoulders are covered in a thick black carapace said to be as hard as their food of choice: Steel. The legs are short and stocky pillars of sagging flesh that carry them with an unnerving gait and frightening speed.

How do I fight a Steelfeaster?

You should try to avoid a fight with one of these, but if you are carrying a metal weapon or wearing anything metal, especially armor, that could prove difficult. They have an almost supernatural sense for all things metal and will attempt to devour it on sight. If you know there will be Steelfeasters in your enemy's hoard, then you should seek an alternative to metal for your arsenal of weapons. A Steelfeaster is filled with a corrosive liquid that breaks down metal and is able to provide a semblance of sustenance to the creature as well as a feeling of euphoria, or so it is hypothesized. They obtain a burst of energy and their wounds seems to regenerate after they consume any type of metal or are hit with a metal weapon, which will be ruined by the digestive juice that flows throughout their body.

Dare I ask? How is a Steelfeaster created?

The history of the Steelfeasters is not a long one. It started with a Dwarven Magician, who took to the Path of the Necromaster. His name was Dumadrane Grauddanholt. He was banished from his mountain home, and forbidden to return, even before he studied the vile art of Necromancy.

In his grand scheme, revenge was a must, but he needed power first. His research into the nature of undead led him to create a necrotic poison that infects Dwarves and other beings with an innate bond with the power of metal. His poison worked perfectly. Infecting an underground ravine with his toxic was their downfall, and their mountain home became his once more. He has made it his stronghold has been maintaining the clan as if the rulers were still alive, luring in other dwarves to transform and humanoids to perform experiments on.

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