This generator is supposed to be a complement to the Npc History Generator (not yet finished).

With it, you can create a spouse to your Npcs and/or Pcs.

This generator is now available in automatic form: Here (Don't forget to vote)

You start by rolling for the 4 denominators(the higher the roll, the better), then roll a d20 and a d4 for the Traits table, the d4 determines which of the boards applies to the d20 roll. I would suggest rolling for no more than 2-3 traits per spouse. If any roll contradicts a previous roll, either reroll the result or try to work it into the persona of the Npc (both cruel AND kind? Maybe they suffer from multiple personality disorder).

These are the four denominators besides love that makes a spouse worth marrying(not counting personality traits).

Looks - Self explanatory, how good your spouse looks. Mostly flavour, but could also affect history in its own rights, think of Helen of Troy.

Wealth - The dowry and possible future heritages.

Contacts - Diplomatic ties, important friends, contacts within trading. I made this a smaller dice, because I personally don't want to create so many additional Npcs, or ties to existing Npcs. Feel free to change this to a d10 or even a d4, depending on your own preferences. Not all ties need to be strong ones, nor do they have to be positive for that matter(ancestral enemies for instance).

Fertile - The abbility to bring forth offspring. In the future, I might include some actual modifiers that tie into the NPC History Generator, but you can also consider these numbers hinting at the results of any childbirths where this spouse is involved, a 6 or higher is pretty much a sure thing for a healthy baby. Remember that the ability to procreate is essential for nobles especially, but a divorce from someone with strong diplomatic ties might be painful for a whole province/country, not to mention possibly ungodly.

It is important to note, that the spouse needn't be female, depending on what cultural values apply in your campaign. This is primarily meant as an auxillary for the more complex Npcs made with the Npc History Generator, and as such this role is meant as the subservient party in a marriage (although the acctual result might dictate otherwise). If you have a campaign were the cultural values dictate that both parties are equal, I would suggest using the Npc History Generator for both parties instead.

But even without the Npc History Generator, these Spouses can stand on their own, and works in any campaign setting, time period and system.


Looks 1d10

Wealth 1d10

Contacts 1d6

Fertile 1d10

Traits - 1d20 / 1d4



  1. Ambitious

  2. Nurturing

  3. Supporting

  4. Sensual

  5. Diligent

  6. Faithful

  7. Learned

  8. Diplomatic

  9. Adventurous

  10. Zealous

  11. Outspoken

  12. Deviant

  13. Empathic

  14. Kind

  15. Nature Loving

  16. Sophisticated

  17. Admirable

  18. Sensible

  19. Passionate

  20. Subservient

  1. Content

  2. Selfish

  3. Scheming

  4. Chaste

  5. Lazy

  6. Adulterous

  7. Dense

  8. Abraisive

  9. Drab

  10. Heretic

  11. Timid

  12. Average

  13. Psychotic

  14. Cruel

  15. Civilization Loving

  16. Gullible

  17. Scandalous

  18. Superstitious

  19. Cold

  20. Bossy

These are optional modifiers that can be applied for increased realism.

Feel free to modify them, if you don't agree with the age assessments regarding the modifiers.

Disclaimer: These modifiers do not neccesarily reflect Gossamer's viewpoints, no offense is meant by them, and they should be taken with a big pinch of salt.

Age Modifiers

Teens +2 Looks, -1 Fertile

Young Adult +1 Looks, +1 Fertile

Adult +0 Looks, +0 Fertile

Middle Aged -2 Looks, -4 Fertile

Elderly -4 Looks, -6 Fertile

Geriatric -6 Looks, -8 Fertile

New Additions - The Origin and Contacts Tables

The Origin Table can be used for two purposes;


1) Determining the Origin of the Spouse.

2) Determining the Origin of the Contact(s).

Sometimes the Origins of the Spouse and the Contacts, seemingly contradict eachother. For instance, if you have a Spouse with Origin Local, and a Contact that's a Childhood Rival from Another Continent, then perhaps the Spouse grew up on another continent simply. But if you really dislike the results, just reroll.

Contacts corresponds to the Contacts up above, start out by rolling the d6. Then roll a number of times on the Contacts 1A Table below, corresponding to the number shown on the d6.

Then you may roll a d4 on the Contacts 2A Table to determine if the contact is Hostile or Friendly. Then roll a d20 on the corresponding Cause Table to determine why. Some of the Causes are intentionally ambigious, and can be interpreted any way you wish.

Origin - 1d12

Contacts 1A - 1d12

  1. Supernatural

  2. Same Family as Spouse

  3. Stepfamily of Spouse

  4. Same Clan/Community as Spouse

  5. Local

  6. Neighboring Region

  7. Another Region

  8. Neighboring Country

  9. Another Country

  10. Far Far Away

  11. Another Continent

  12. Another World/Time/Dimension

  1. Supernatural

  2. Discredited/Homeless P/F/G

  3. Lower Standing P/F/G

  4. P/F/G from Same Social Class

  5. P/F/G from Upper Social Class

  6. P/F/G Merchantile/Service

  7. P/F/G Millitary/Mercenary

  8. P/F/G Nobillity/Rich

  9. P/F/G Criminal

  10. P/F/G Clergy/Cult

  11. P/F/G Rulers

  12. Other

*P/F/G - Stands for; Person/Family/Group

**Merchantile/Service, could for example stand for a Store-Clerk/Inn-keeper or a Waitress/Receptionist, depending on what setting you're using. The same goes for Rulers; King/Queen, President, etc.

Contacts 2A - 1d4

1,2 - Hostile (Cause - 1d20)

3,4 - Friendly (Cause - 1d20)

  1. Ancestral Enemy

  2. Jingo

  3. Just Because

  4. Childhood Rival

  5. Patsy/Fooled/Betrayed

  6. Enslaved/Dominated/Used/Dependence

  7. Jilted Lover

  8. Jealousy

  9. Dishonoured

  10. Slighted/Insulted

  11. Business Rivals

  12. Rivals of Love

  13. Theft

  14. Had a Friend killed

  15. Had a Family Member killed

  16. Philosophical Differences

  17. Cultural Differences

  18. Religious Differences

  19. Disease/Curse

  20. A Misunderstanding (Roll Again)

  1. Parasitic Relationship

  2. Fake Friend (Roll on Hostile)

  3. Dominated/Hypnotized

  4. Ancient Allies

  5. Greed/Need/Desire

  6. Dependence

  7. Owing a Favour

  8. Bound by Blood

  9. Good Friends

  10. Business Associates

  11. Mutual Interests

  12. Mutual Friends

  13. Joined by a Common Cause

  14. Friends with Family Member

  15. Childhood Friend

  16. Secret Relative

  17. Best Friends

  18. Former Lover/Spouse

  19. Lovers

  20. Other

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? Community Contributions (3)-3

Anastrazia Felwelt

Age 34

Looks 1 (+0) Wealth 8

Contacts 4 Fertile 3 (+0)

Chaste, Bossy, Learned

Anastrazia was never a comely girl. Frankly a swamp troll would be considered quite a catch when standing next to her. The fact that she's somewhat past her prime doesn't do much to help that fact. Perhaps because of this fact, she doesn't like being touched, which is just as well, as she's almost completely barren.

Locked away most of her life to avoid the public eye, she spent most of her time reading, so she's very well versed in ancient history, herbs and local lineage. Her biggest assest comes from her family fortune, and her father's close ties to the duke of Gorgon. Her family's wealth is also what she draws her confidence from, though some would say that and the bitterness of her appearance has made her quite a shrew.

Young Lord Caliban

Age 15

Looks 10 (+2)

Wealth 10

Contacts 5

Fertile 1 (-1)

Zealous, Supporting, Content

Caliban has a face like an angel, and a voice to go with it. Unfortunately, this voice came at a great cost. Born the third in line in his family, he was given to a monastery, who promptly made him a castrato. Now that seems a foolish thing indeed, as his eldest brother died in battle, and his second oldest seem to be getting sicker every passing day. His father being a well esteemed count, Caliban fetches quite a dowry, but personally he would rather have stayed with the monks. And any money coming his way, he would be happier giving to the poor. What others see as a loss, he consider a gift. He holds close ties to the Bishop, as well as his father's closest neighbor, the count of Hjeltrennd. However he has also captured the eye of a desire demon, who lusts to turn his chant into a siren's call.

Guzzy Thatcher

Age 26

Looks 2 (+1)

Wealth 5

Contacts 1

Fertile 7 (+1)

Scandalous, Admirable, Selfish

Guzzy is the oldest daughter of a thatcher in the hamlet of Grund, she might not be a beauty queen, but she's popular enough with the local farm hands. Mostly because she never says no, and she's allready amassed quite a number of illegitimate children despite her young age. Who are all being cared for by her mother, seeing as Guzzy couldn't care less about them. Despite all this, there's just something about her that makes her come out all the cleaner despite her actions, and many young girls have come to glorify her for some reason. Lately this has started to spread to other groupings as well, and it seems Guzzy can't do a thing wrong. Could this be the workings of some kind of fey sprite?