This is a typical adventure, in which I have used some things poset on this site already. I have tried to make it as interesting as possible for me and the people I play with. It provides some valuable lessons for players, and good rewards and action too.

Bait: While staying in a town, the group of heroes all share a strange drwam, showing visions of a lost valley of wonder, and beautiful scenery, waterfalls and nymphs.

Hook: The following morning the heroes meet a girl called Echo, who also experienced the dream. Later on she finds in a book a chapter that tells of such a place, and where it may be. Echo encourages the heroes to undergo a quest to find it, in the jungle of Angkor, along the Indus river.

Line: After setting out on this journey, the heroes must deal with a group of rouges who also want the treasure. They all must withstand the conditions of trekking through the jungle, fight off hostile natives, and all kinds of other problems, until they come to a rocky cliff face on the side of the river. Behind it(there is a secret panel that 'opens' the cliff) lies the lost valley. The heroes find the nice place, fill up on the water from the stream, fruit from the trees. They can talk to the nymphs, who will tell of a passage to a world of challenge and glory to the heroes. The nymphs ask of one thing only - when the explorers came, they discovered the valley. They stayed a while, but their greed was too much, and stole the treasures of the valley. Guarding the last of it until they returned, they left a spirit in a cave with the treasure. The spirit grew, and now must be defeated, then the heroes will be rewarded.

Fight: Shortly after entering the valley, the heroes must fight the group of rouges who have been following them. Also, when the heroes fight the guardian spirit, he fight back with a scythe or a sicle, and uses it with exeptional skill. He is a tough challenge. Don't forget the hostile natives in the jungle.

Reward: The rouges will have a bit of loot, and when the guardian spirit is dead the heroes recieve a large sum of money from the nymphs, as well as 1 magic item, a jewelled mace, and 2 mundane weapons. Each player is gifter with armour and weapons better than what they had before. This is to prepare them for tasks ahead.

Conclusion: The nymphs now tell of a hidden tunnel under the waterfall, if the heroes can find it, it will lead to a portal...

Interesting facts: The water from the stream can heal any wound, and if drunk at night-time, will reveal the hidden tunnel. It also will grant insight to a noble, just an worthy good player. but any players who are evil of heart or have comitted a great sin, will be turned to trees.

I hope you find this interesting. I would like to hear some feedback because this is one of the first things I have poster on this site.

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